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Complexes crossfit exercises for fitness at home and in the audience

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Complexes crossfit exercises for fitness at home and in the audience

The contents

  • The nuances of crossfit training as a separate line
  • Crossfit is a universal fitness workout
  • Help coaches and instructors
  • Light-weight physical exercises for home
  • Effective exercise program in the gym

Trendy word “crossfit” today, many at the hearing. This popular fitness trend with high intensity are likely to influence the shape, immunity and athletic performance. Despite the useful properties of direction, it should be performed only according to strict rules, the disregard of which can lead to health problems.

The nuances of crossfit training as a separate line

The concept of crossfit was formed from two English words that have meaning “to cross” and “fitness”. If you analyze in detail, the crossfit is a high-intensity training in a circular mode. This means that all physical activity must be performed in sequence one after another for the allotted amount of time (15 to 70 minutes).

Team crossfit-workout can be divided into three categories of exercise:

  • Aerobic activity (cardiorespiratory training).

There’s all kinds of sports activities aimed at increasing heart rate and stimulating fat-burning process (jumping rope, running, working with ropes, bike riding, rowing machines, cycle upright, elliptical, stepper).

  • Exercises with the weight of his body.

Are performed without the use of additional equipment, therefore, are considered to be quite lax (pull on the bar, work on the uneven bars, a variety of push-UPS, plank in different versions, squats and twisting the press).

  • Physical load with additional equipment to enhance your performance.

Most commonly used dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells, but crossfit women’s popular mini-rod, bodybare (gymnastic stick) and exercise balls.

The main feature of crossfit as a separate sports areas that this load is equally powerful effect on all groups of muscles. The athlete in a short amount of time considering all areas, increasing their stamina power and speed performance.

Crossfit is a universal fitness workout

Crossfit, like any other sports plan has its advantages and disadvantages. So before you include in your training plan a powerful program, it is recommended to weigh all the “pros” and “cons”: not all athletes, even experienced, can endure so intense a rhythm.

The benefits of crossfit training:

  • fast and high quality increase endurance of the body;
  • a strengthened immune system;
  • effective study of muscle and its relief;
  • the involvement of not only the superficial but the deep muscles;
  • intensive fat loss;
  • accelerate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;
  • improving ventilation and work of breathing organs;
  • the launch of important metabolic processes;
  • the development of coordination, agility, speed, senses of the body;
  • a large variety of fitness exercises, eliminating the boring workout.

Cons of crossfit too, so they are especially worth considering for beginners and people with any health restrictions. The main disadvantages of direction include:

  • increased intensity of physical activity;
  • a powerful impact on the heart and blood vessels;
  • high risk of injury, especially with a too weak body;
  • heavy load on the joints, and in some cases on the spine;
  • the inability of pumping some specific muscle groups.

Help coaches and instructors

The newcomers, who had just come into the world of powerful circuit training, first should follow one important rule — always refer to the fitness instructor. Specialist in crossfit — the man who will not only help to master the technique of sports items, but also to maintain health of the contractor.

Without a professional coach it is impossible to build a full-fledged training. In this case, increase the risks of injury and delayed onset muscle soreness after class. Beginners crossfitter will not be able to select the ideal mode of instruction, the most suitable physical exercise, the number of cycles in a circular approach and a lot of used equipment.

A coach must compose a personalized exercise program for a person based on his:

  • age and gender;
  • weight category;
  • the degree of physical activity in normal times;
  • the level of strength and also the absence or presence of sports experience;
  • health status, including the presence of various diseases;
  • fitness goals (losing weight, strengthening the body, pumping muscles, etc.).

It is a professional crossfit instructor will eliminate any risks associated with sports training, will help gradually adapt the body to physical loads and let you know when it is possible to increase the mass of shells for best results.

Even if training in crossfit are at home, before school starts, you should turn to a professional for help. Also for homework it is recommended to purchase a special bracelet or heart rate monitor to track heart rate.

Light-weight physical exercises for home

To start the circular fitness beginners can be a small home of adaptation of the organism to stress. Help this lightweight set of loadings that will develop endurance and strengthen the core muscles of the body.

Exercises should be performed without additional sports equipment or on the street using parallel bars, horizontal bars, ladders. Beginners will fit the following application:

  • 5 pull-UPS on the horizontal bar;
  • 10 standard push-UPS;
  • 15 squats without weights;
  • base plate.

To do physical exercises to follow each other without pause for 15-20 minutes. If the athlete is in good shape for it’s allotted time he manages to perform roughly 15-20 crossfit-cycles of this complex.

More trained lovers of crossfit with a high degree of stamina and powerful muscles capable of 20 minutes to perform up to 35 cycles (depending on the tempo run).

Gradually, this complex can be supplemented with complicated loads or expand its other core elements. For example, for home-crossfit-workout is perfect lunges with weights, twisting the press, push-UPS with weights or with a raised leg, as well as work on the home gym (exercise bike, running belt, stepper).

Effective exercise program in the gym

One of the downsides of crossfit is that it is impossible to pump your body at home without the use of different simulators. As a rule, modern crossfit facilities equipped with modern equipment for elaboration of all muskulaturnoy zones.

Very popular double ropes, massive tires, high flow for platform hopping skills, as well as a range block equipment and cardiocaryon.

Gym sessions will have a more intense effect on muscles and the entire body. Novice athletes can use the following options of exercises for crossfit training in the gym:

  • warming up on the rowing apparatus;
  • 5 pull-UPS on the horizontal bar;
  • 10 pushups on the floor or bench;
  • 15 squats with weights (kettlebell, barbell, dumbbells).

The goal of fitness training is the same as in the previous complex — repeat as many cycles of physical activity for 20 minutes. After performing strength training should complete the training cardio (1.5 km interval run on the track) and stretching to relieve tension from the muscles.

Despite the fact that crossfit is a very strong kind of sport, can anyone. This will require the most responsible approach to work with a trainer to build a workout regimen and to master the technique of execution of certain types of physical activity.

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