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Complex exercises – physically and psychologically

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The complexity of the exercise is measured not only in physical terms, but also psychologically. Some exercises require a lot of strength and energy, but their implementation does not cause difficulties. Before doing others, you are confronted with psychological barriers; a striking example is isolated exercises. When you experience inexplicable difficulties, your self-preservation instinct comes into play. This is the three most difficult exercises in psychological terms, all difficulties can be overcome.

Psychological difficulties in the gym are exhausting as much as physical ones. They cause the same overtraining with a complete inability to continue training. The most difficult thing is to tune in to exercises with free weights, all exercises in the three most difficult from a psychological point of view are performed with a barbell.


If you do squats with a barbell without safety, they will become difficult not only physically. You may not think about it, but when you lower yourself into a squat, you already know that you will have to get out of it somehow. Losing weight does not work, it is too risky, especially if the bar is on the trapeze. No need to give up squats with a barbell, the exercise is very valuable, including for stabilizer muscles.

If you have any difficulties, then start with squats with a barbell on your chest, at almost the same level of load they are much easier.

Bench press

It also has an effective effect on the whole body, mainly on the shoulders, but the remaining muscles will be subjected to static stress. Difficulties arise in anticipation of the moment when the bar is overhead.

At this moment or shortly before it, you understand that you cannot change the trajectory of movement in order to return the projectile to its original position, it will take exactly the same reverse action. A safety net can be a solution to a problem; it can overcome a psychological barrier.

Narrow grip bench press

Making the bench press in a prone position with a narrow grip is more difficult than standard. At some point, difficulties arise with balancing and coordinating movements, most likely, they are only present in your head, but in any case they are confusing. Try to change the position of the hands gradually, from training to training, this will help to gain confidence in your abilities.


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