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Complex bodyflex exercise for weight loss

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Complex bodyflex exercise for weight loss

The contents

  • Breathing technique for weight loss
  • The complex of exercises of respiratory gymnastics
  • The benefits and harms of breathing exercises

In today’s world of fitness there are many exercises and programs aimed at weight loss. Most of them are based on heart palpitations, forcing the body to actively absorb oxygen required for burning fat. For this sports items perform in a very fast pace, forcing the heart to pump blood faster and breathing to become more rapid.

But there is sport, which increases the flow of oxygen without active movements. This gymnastics is based on the breath and is called bodyflex. It includes a set of exercises that are performed with observance of a special type of respiration performed by the diaphragm.

Breathing technique for weight loss

In Flex, despite the presence of a set of specific exercises, the main role is given to the breath. The primary purpose of practicing the development of proper technique in any comfortable position, and then proceed to implement the entire program.

A distinctive feature of this style of breathing is that it is not chest and belly. For a better understanding of technology, it is recommended to lie on your back and put on the belly of a medium size book. When breathing through the abdomen, the book will move up and down; in the chest it will remain almost motionless. You must strive to ensure that the amplitude of the movements of the book was the same, without delay, and sharp jerks.

To master the skills of proper breathing are the following steps:

  • Make a strong exhale through the mouth, releasing lungs.
  • Then make a sharp quick breath in through the nose, simultaneously inflating the abdomen and filling the lungs with oxygen.
  • Followed by a sharp, strong exhalation through a mouth, simultaneously retracts the stomach up to the spine.
  • Leaving your stomach sucked holding my breath.
  • Stand 8-10 seconds, doing a quiet breath.
  • First we need to learn how to breathe and hold their breath for the required amount of time. At this stage, due to the constant enhanced flow of oxygen, it begins to decrease weight. At the beginning of training, this style of breathing should be brought to automatism.

    The complex of exercises of respiratory gymnastics

    For the presented set of exercises will require a gym Mat or thick blanket that can be spread during the execution of the elements carried out lying down or sitting.

    • Lion.

    In a standing position, slightly bend legs in knee joints, lowering his palms on his knees. Perform the first three stages of breathing exercise in step 4 during the stop of the breath pull the lips forward, the jaw is pressed down, eyes very open and looking up. Without reducing the tension of the muscles, and draw out the tongue and holding the position for 8 seconds. Then relax and repeat the exercise.

    • Grimace.

    Remaining in the same starting position as in the previous item, push the lower jaw forward, pulling the lips. Raised his head, fixing his gaze, chin lifted. Muscles from the chest to the chin badly stretched. Perform the breathing cycle, and at the time of breath-holding having a direct hand to the body. After enduring 8 seconds, relax and repeat the exercise 4 more times.

    • Stretching the side muscles.

    The starting position is the same, perform the first phases of the breathing cycle, the pause rested his elbow on his knee, other arm lifted up and tilted together with the housing in the opposite direction. Then do a repeat exercise in the opposite direction.

    • Abduction of the legs.

    Down on all fours, then put your elbows on the floor one leg right back. 4 stage breathing cycle raise her up, holding the pose for 8-10 seconds. Repeat 4 times, then proceed to the repetitions with the other leg.

    • Seiko.

    Remaining in the same position on all fours, straighten one leg to the side, stacking the inner surface of the foot on the floor. In phase 4 of the breath, raise the limb, bringing it parallel to the floor. Keep the posture right amount of time, then relax the muscles.

    • Diamond.

    Stand up straight, the fingers with the tips connect in front of chest. Doing breathing exercise, hold with the power to crush your palms at each other, slightly Kruglaya the back forward.

    • Boat.

    Sit on the floor, wide apart straightened limb. On the respiratory pause you put your hands on the floor in front of him and gently lead them forward, tilting the body.

    • The pretzel roll.

    Cross over the legs so that the feet located at the opposite hip. The knees are placed one under another. Perform respiratory stages, then the delay, and twist the body to the side and back, placing his hands behind his back.

    • Stretching of the feet.

    Lie back on the Mat, raise the straightened lower limbs up, socks pulled to the ceiling. The palm is laid on the area under the knees, performs respiratory items, then hold pull feet to yourself.

    • Press.

    Lying on your back, tightly fixed the bottoms of the feet on the floor. Straighten arms in front of chest. 4 stage breathing tear off shoulders off the floor, throwing his head back. Keep the body on weight, then relax.

    • A pair of scissors.

    In the same position, extend hands along the body. Holding the breath raise the lower limb at an acute angle to the body and cross over them in an active pace.

    • Cat.

    Stand in the knee-elbow position, rests the palm of your hand to the floor, the sight in front of him. Breath arch your back, dropping your head down.

    The entire set of exercises performed in 4 sets. For effective weight loss it is recommended to combine with healthy balanced diet.

    The benefits and harms of breathing exercises

    Opponents of this sort of exercise claim that exercises built on hyperventilation of lungs, may be hazardous to health. Because of the reduced amount of carbon dioxide, which is an important part of many metabolic processes, the body starts to produce a negative reaction: lowering blood pressure, lowering the permeability of the cell membrane, the occurrence of spasm of blood vessels. This situation may lead to the opposite effect and cause oxygen starvation, when the body will have to block the loss of carbon dioxide, and blocking the access of oxygen.

    So before going in for bodyflex is important to ensure no problems with the cardiovascular system, eye diseases and asthma. Classes are not recommended for people with allergic reactions, and inflammation and pregnancy.

    For a healthy person the body Flex can be a source of increased supply the body with oxygen, which stimulates weight reduction and boosts the rate of metabolic processes in the body.

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