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Combines fitness training: exercises of varying difficulty

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Combines fitness training: exercises of varying difficulty
The contents

  • Especially paired with fitness classes
  • Benefits of fitness training
  • A program of paired exercises

Joint training is considered to be one of the best methods to instill a love of the sport and to get a highly effective result. Steam training is both a way of motivation, and the chance to spend useful time in pleasant company. Proper exercise for a couple or a well-designed training complex will allow to obtain the desired physical form and not lose interest in further improvements.

Joint training under modern conditions can be considered even a parallel training in the gym — when you visit the gym, but do exercises for individual systems. However, over time the concept of joint training has expanded: now practice in pairs — it is the exercises that involve active participation of the partner.

To execute such a complex is allowable not only in the gym but also outdoors. Usually classes don’t require any special equipment: you need a partner, and sometimes the fitness Mat and the conventional ball (can be replaced with a fitball).

Especially paired with fitness classes

Joint training or pair training a form of fitness in which a coach develops the overall training program and conducts training for pre-made pair. It may be friends, couples and even children with their parents.

Single fitness workout is an optimal solution for beginners in the sport. Doubles —this type of loads suitable for experienced athletes who have boring classes that go to make workouts a bit of variety. Also doubles the training is suitable for beginners who for one reason or another hesitate to do fitness alone.

Benefits of fitness training

Joint trainings have many advantages, which may not always give private lessons.

A significant advantage of such training can be called the emergence of additional stimulus, as the partner inevitably arise mutual obligations. Each partner will be harder to cancel or miss class.

An additional advantage combines fitness training — the ability to correct technique and increase the overall effectiveness of the training. A similar result is achieved for the odd fact that the instructor can carry out individual work with each of the athletes. And correction of errors and defects will allow us to approach the future of fitness training more seriously.

Joint training sessions are often more effective individual fitness. Often novice and experienced athletes are much easier and more fun to do in pairs, because the feeling of healthy competition gives energy and vigor that successfully fuels from domestic resources.

A program of paired exercises

Complex effective the following exercises will help develop strength, endurance, will allow you to work different muscle groups and at the same time eliminates the fears of going to the gym.

  • Joint “twist” on my knees.

A highly effective exercise for the oblique pumping of the abdominal muscles. To perform the necessary ordinary ball (volleyball, soccer). If there is no such, you can use the ball with similar parameters. Kneel back-to-back partner and measured pace give the ball to a partner performing a half turn in one direction. Pass the shell clockwise for 1-2 minutes and then repeat counter-clockwise.

  • Dynamic lunges.

With the help of this exercise can be qualitatively develop the gluteal muscles and the gastrocnemius and quadriceps. Turn to each other and hold hands. Perform the lunge forward on right foot, partner at this point should make the attack back on the left foot. Then, change the direction of the movements: you perform deep lunges to one side, and your partner otherwise. Do 10-12 lunges 2-3 times, then change the reverse.

  • Exercise “wheelbarrow”.

This exercise is considered very effective because it loads the most intensely groups of muscles: chest muscles, triceps, quadriceps and hips. The partner is to rest the blades to a smooth surface and do a slow squat to the thighs parallel with the floor, then to take up the ankles of the partner (“cars”). “Cars” at this point should accept an emphasis lying, as in push-UPS or when the classic strap. The exercise of the original position is executed as soon as a guy goes down and is focusing on the palm of your hand, partner is in this moment performs a deep squat on his haunches. Perform 15-20 repetitions and switch with a partner sometimes.

  • Deep squats.

Combines fitness classes are almost never boring. Even regular squats are becoming more original, if you run them together. Moreover, pair the squats are much more efficient, since uses more muskulaturnoy groups than the classic single.

Partner should rest against the shoulder blades into the wall, place feet shoulder width apart and slowly sit down until the moment when the angle between knees and hips is 90 degrees.

Stand with your back to the partner, uprites hands in his lap and do a slow reverse push-UPS (standard push UPS with a bench or other supporting shells). Such movement is working your triceps. Run them 20 to 25 times and switch places.

  • Exercise with the ball.

Take a ball and sit at a comfortable distance from each other. Throw and catch the ball at a time. First throw it with one hand, then the other. Change load by adjusting the speed of the throw. Lift one leg, then change to second. Try to keep your posture and balance while throwing. Partner must perform the same actions. Do throws in 10-15 minutes with one break.

Health and excellent physical shape require careful and regular support. Combines fitness training will not only effectively carry out fitness classes, but also have a positive impact on partner relationships.

Exercises are paired perfectly develop the ability to work in team, skills to find their mistakes, and motivate to further studies.

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