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Coffee with mushrooms: a new trend for fans of a healthy lifestyle

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(Arabica) extract chaga mushrooms and ejovice comb (lion’s mane). The extract is prepared from freshly picked mushrooms that are drying. That is not the same mushrooms as in the soup. It is believed that this drink enhances productivity and promotes creativity.

Another option is for sport lovers. Coffee with the addition of an extract of Cordyceps promotes muscle growth.

The third recipe speeds up the metabolism due to mix of green coffee beans and mushroom extract chaga and Maitake.

Useful properties

Scientists are wary of such innovations, citing insufficient research. One of them was the positive effect of liquid extract of Maitake for immune system patients with breast cancer. This mushroom has antibacterial properties, and it proved to another study.

Popular mushrooms are quickly converted into glycogen (a type of “fuel” for the body), thereby reducing the level of blood sugar. But most research on the impact of mushrooms on health have been conducted on cells or laboratory animals, so firm conclusions yet to be made.

There are more interesting data on the effect of Cordyceps on the biceps. 20 adult athletes received the mushroom extract or placebo for three months. Those who ate mushrooms, I noticed a big improvement in training: able to train longer without fatigue. And those who got the placebo, the difference did not feel. However, to achieve the effect they were taking 1,000 mg of the powder per day, whereas in coffee it 150 mg.

It should be noted that drinking coffee before a bike ride or go Jogging also improves endurance. But the effect of the mixture of coffee and mushrooms until tested.

Try if mushroom coffee?

One thing is for sure: it is not dangerous. The taste is almost unchanged, and less caffeine than regular drink.

If you need a coffee to workout, it will cost more than buying the components separately. Besides, there is no evidence to suggest that drinking the extract of mushrooms is healthier than eating the mushrooms. So for the sake of interest — try, but expect a drink of the magical properties is not necessary.

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