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Coconut oil: is it harmful it really is? 7 myths and their refutation

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So, in a teaspoon of coconut oil contains 117 calories and 14 grams of fat (12 of them saturated), which is about half the daily requirement of fats. In comparison with other vegetable oils — too much. But this does not mean that because oil, which at room temperature hardens, can be something to get sick! However, coconut oil is surrounded by myths and it is important to know which piece of information is true.

1. Burn belly fat

Alas, no. Some small studies have shown that extra virgin oil helps to reduce the waist, but almost all of the participants sat down on a diet before start to use it. Therefore, it cannot be concluded that when coconut oil weight loss. It is important to understand that the vegetable oil used in cooking vegetables or meat, helps to reduce weight due to the fact that saturates the body with useful substances.

2. Speeds up metabolism

Either. Metabolism increases when muscle tissue becomes larger, and the oil muscle growth is irrelevant.

3. Coffee with coconut oil helps to lose weight

No, this drink, on the contrary, leads to weight gain, though fans of the ketogenic and paleodiet can argue with that. It is better to opt for a coffee with milk (5 grams of protein, 120 calories) than to drink coffee with coconut oil (135-470 calories, 47 grams of saturated fat (twice the daily value) and the complete absence of protein).

4. Smells like coconut

Oil from the first pressing lightly smell, not refined. Besides for cooking at high temperatures better than any other vegetable oil.

5. It is antibacterial

About half of the fatty acids in this oil comes from lauric acid, which is attributed to the antimicrobial and antifungal effects. But, alas, no reasonable amount of oil will not help cure the internal organs.

6. It is good for the heart

No, but harm will not bring, if not his whole bottle. Some studies have shown that coconut oil helps to increase the number of “good” cholesterol, but so far data for recommendation is not enough. Moreover, it reduces levels of “bad”, unlike soybeans, olive oil or cold pressed rapeseed oil.

7. Contains cholesterol

No oil (and all vegetable products) contains no cholesterol! This is a hormone that exists only in living organisms.

In short, we can conclude that coconut oil is delicious and fairly useful product that can not be considered a magic elixir or cure. One or two teaspoons of vegetable oil a day will help to maintain health and weight, but too carried away not worth it.

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