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Classification of physical activity: how to create a workout program

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Classification of physical activity: how to create a workout program
The contents

  • The main objectives of the fitness
  • The basic classification of physical activity
  • The types of fitness training impact on the body

Any physical activity, if it is adequate to the degree of training the person has a beneficial impact on the health and figure. But in order to achieve the maximum positive effect for the body, you need to choose the type of load, which meets the individual needs of the person. Well-written program fitness training, which includes the most appropriate in a particular case of locomotor activity, is able to correct imperfections in the shape, improve the physical ability of the body to eliminate a number of diseases and prevent their development.

The main objectives of the fitness

Before to begin the preparation program of fitness, you need to decide on the main purpose you want to achieve with your workouts. Most people beginning to exercise for the solution of such tasks:

  • reduction of excess weight;
  • strengthening of muscles and stimulation of its active growth.
  • maintaining good physical shape;
  • the development of strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and speed and other indicators;
  • rehabilitation and prevention of diseases;
  • reducing physical and emotional stress;
  • rehabilitation after injuries, operations and illnesses.

The basic classification of physical activity

Identifying one or more goals, you can begin creating effective training programs with the most suitable for the tasks with physical exercise. Not to be mistaken with the type of load, should be guided by the following classification:

  • Aerobic exercise.

In the process of rendering the body is saturated with oxygen, strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improves endurance and boosts the immune system, reducing excess weight. To this kind of physical activity included all active sports, dance classes, aerobics and swimming, running and walking and any physical activity that accelerates your heart rate. The work intensity during aerobic fitness training depends on the state of health. People who have suffered injury or have a serious chronic illness, the recommended gentle and light cardio, such as walking, Cycling, swimming, dancing.

  • Anaerobic.

Such loads include fitness training, running, heavy bodyweight exercises or additional weights. The result of this work is the significant increase in the volume and mass of muscles, increased strength and improved fitness. Strong anaerobic physical exercise has a number of contraindications, so before you engage yourself into it, you should consult your doctor. To maintain a good shape no need to work with a large work weight, as do the people who want to increase muscle mass. Will be sufficient to regularly perform exercises with weights no heavier than 5 pounds, or working with different kinds of bands.

  • Interval or a combination.

Fitness classes with this load, assume the alternating pace of work or change the nature of the loads and thus provide an opportunity to extract the maximum benefit from the training.

  • Hypoxic.

Physical exertion of this type most often practiced by professional athletes. Hypoxic exercises are performed in conditions of oxygen deficiency and are intended the maximum possible endurance of the body and also minimize the period of adaptation of the body to unusual conditions and circumstances. Such loads are often used by climbers to maximize the development of the respiratory apparatus. These exercises are not recommended for untrained people, because they can bring more harm, than good.

The types of fitness training impact on the body

Fitness training divided by the nature of the impact of stress on the body. There are 4 main types of trainings:

  • Power.

These classes tone, strengthen and develop muscles, improve physical capabilities of the body, stimulate the metabolism and slow the aging process. A positive result in strength training is achieved only when the following two conditions: first, the load must match the initial level of training of the muscles, and secondly, the intensity of the effects on the body must be constantly strengthened. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the selection of exercises, fitness program, giving preference to the basic megosztani movements. Choosing a working weight and number of repetitions and approaches need to focus on the purpose of fitness: to gain muscle you need to work with more weight, performing a small number of repetitions, and if the purpose of the training — giving the muscles of the bump, it is necessary to perform a large number of repetitions with light shells.

  • Speed.

Physical loads exerted on the body during speed workouts do not require high levels of endurance, because their duration does not exceed 15 seconds. Quite a long period of rest between high-speed approaches gives you the opportunity to recover.

  • Exercises for development of flexibility.

Stretching exercises prevent premature deterioration of joints and improve the condition of the joint capsule, as well as the prevention of arthritis, osteoarthritis and other diseases. In addition, when increasing the elasticity of muscles and connective tissues the risk of injury is minimized.

  • Fitness classes for the development of agility and coordination movements.

Such trainings have virtually no contraindications and can be performed at any age. With this occupation, in addition to achieving the main objectives, you can greatly strengthen your cardiovascular system and respiratory system, improve your fitness and improve the body. However, when training at the agility and coordination necessary to control the rhythm of breathing and heart rate, preventing their acceleration up to a critical maximum.

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