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Classes kickboxing for girls: exercise and training peculiarities

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Classes kickboxing for girls: exercise and training peculiarities
The contents

  • Types of kickboxing and the benefits of fitness training based on it
  • The effectiveness of the exercises kickboxing for weight loss
  • The basic techniques of kickboxing and contraindications to fitness

Kickboxing for women is not just effective for weight loss exercise borrowed from such popular martial arts as karate and Boxing, but also the opportunity to learn techniques of self-defense, which is possible in extreme cases to preserve life and health. In addition, according to Amateur kickboxing, the fitness training to help women become more organized and confident, and to temper the character.

Types of kickboxing and the benefits of fitness training based on it

Fitness classes for women based on kickboxing can be based on one of the following competitive areas:

  • Full contact, in which there are no restrictions in force blows to the opponent.
  • Full contact with the possibility of using low-Kika – shock feet on the hips of the opponent.
  • Light-contact. During gym in this technique when sparring is forbidden to beat the opponent with hands and feet, but you need to work at a high pace that allows you to burn a lot of calories and strengthen the muscles of the limbs. The winner of this sparring is determined by this criterion: the winner is the one who has the best technique of techniques.
  • Seven-contact. When conducting fitness training in the direction of kickboxing’s too strong strokes, and the emphasis is on the development of airstrike.
  • A solo work. The direction of kickboxing involves the execution of exercises for working off of blows without the participation of the opponent. Solo work includes various fragments of different types of martial arts and can wear soft or hard in nature, and it involves the use of the fitness of such items as knife, stick, sword, sickle, nunchaku.
  • Regardless of the direction of kickboxing, he has such a positive effect on the body:

    • due to the fact that the training comprehensively combines both strength training and cardio evenly strengthens muscles of the entire body and decreasing the amount of fat that result naturally leads to the formation of a leaner, slimmer physique;
    • improves posture due to the fact that the muscles while performing basic exercises kickboxing gets quality exercise and strengthening, securely locking the spine in the correct upright position and thereby preventing the development of diseases of musculoskeletal system;
    • normalizes the heart and blood vessels, and breathing apparatus;
    • with regular exercise kickboxing is significantly improved coordination and agility movements develops a sense of balance and reaction speed, increases endurance and physical capabilities of the body;
    • due to the active work of the feet when performing techniques of kickboxing and exercises for mastering the technique of strokes improves blood circulation in the lower limbs, tissues and cells receive more nutrients, increases skin elasticity, reduces the signs of cellulite, stretch marks become less noticeable, is the prevention of swelling and stagnation in the pelvic organs.

    The effectiveness of the exercises kickboxing for weight loss

    Fitness training, during which are performed the techniques of kickboxing is extremely effective in reducing the weight. This efficiency is achieved by the following features of these lessons:

    • the energy consumption of the body per hour fitness classes $ 300-500 calories.

    Provided that the woman eats right and doesn’t exceed the daily norm of calories, the body no other choice but to break down its own fat cells to support the normal functioning of all its systems and to compensate for the energy consumption;

    • increased heart rate and accelerate breathing rhythm during fitness workouts increase the oxygen levels in the body.

    And since oxygen is one of the main catalysts of the metabolic and redox processes, a natural consequence of its high content in the blood is to accelerate metabolism. Increasing the flow rate of metabolic processes allows the woman to spend more calories even after exercising, engaging in usual household physical activity.

    The basic techniques of kickboxing and contraindications to fitness

    The fitness workouts based on kickboxing, the following basic techniques of this martial art:

    • Strikes the lower limbs, which include the strike, airstrike, including a shot with rotation and circular punch, and a kick from above.
    • Blows the upper limbs — uppercut, jab, involving the defeat of the opponent closest to the hand, punch, implying the striking of the far from the opponent the upper limb, as well as backfist executed roundhouse with the back bent upper limb.

    Prohibited in the fitness techniques of kickboxing include:

    • punches, elbows and wrists;
    • strikes to joints, clavicular bones and the vertebral column, the kidneys and the rib cage;
    • strikes performed by the open glove or its inner side.

    As you exercise kickboxing has an extremely intensive load on the human body, and the training itself have a high injury risk, to do kickboxing can not all girls. It is forbidden to use physical activity to lose weight and strengthen the muscles women with the following health problems:

    • serious disease of the heart, which interferes with the normal operation of the entire circulatory system, for example, heart disease, heart failure, tachycardia, hypertension;
    • asthma and other serious respiratory diseases;
    • epilepsy;
    • injuries and diseases of the spine, dysfunction of locomotor apparatus;
    • problems with joints, adversely affecting their functionality;
    • nervous and emotional disorders;
    • pregnancy.

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