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Classes crossfit at home: exercises for beginners

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Classes crossfit at home: exercises for beginners
The contents

  • Features and benefits of the crossfit home gym
  • The basic exercises of crossfit
  • Examples of fitness workouts

Crossfit is a relatively new fitness trend, whose main task is the formation of strong and hardy bodies in the shortest possible time. Is this effect due to the fact that during a workout integrated mnogocwetnye exercises are performed with minimal rest periods. Intensive work causes the body to mobilize its resources, and it strengthens muscles, including heart, improves coordination, increases endurance and reaction speed. In addition, these fitness classes are a great way to exercise willpower, because the body is extremely intense physical activity and need to have a strong character to not give up and not to interrupt the training without completing the task.

Features and benefits of the crossfit home gym

As mentioned above, fitness workout crossfit is a cyclic repetition of the complex of 3-9 exercise performed at vigorous pace and almost without rest. The duration of each lesson usually does not exceed 60 minutes including warm-up and cool-down. In a training set of crossfit includes the following types of exercises:

  • gymnastic elements;
  • strength training to strengthen the muscles;
  • cardio that promotes development of endurance.

Lessons in the technique crossfit at home has the following competitive advantages over training in the gym:

  • fitness classes can be conducted individually, without purchasing a subscription to the gym and not focusing on working hours and time of maximum load;
  • you can effectively train the cardiovascular system and increase the effective alveolar volume lung;
  • for one fitness workout you can work out the muscles throughout the body;
  • in one session you can burn up to 1000 calories, so this work is very useful for people who want to lose weight;
  • it is possible to form a program of fitness training, focusing on their own preferences. For example, if a person doesn’t like running or can’t jump over the rope, you can replace these activities other physical activity with cardio;
  • the home environment provides the most favorable psychological conditions, especially for beginners, who are often too shy to do exercises in the gym.

The basic exercises of crossfit

In fitness training, carried out in the technique crossfit, training usually includes the following movements:

  • Classic squats and their variations, for example, with the weights, “Sumo” or “Gun.”
  • Work with a rope, including a jumping one or two lower limbs, running over the rope, double jumps and jumping with crossed arms. Catching up with the jump rope, you need to focus on total time, not the specific number of jumps.
  • Push-UPS. This exercise has great species diversity, so both beginners and advanced fitness people can easily choose the most suitable for the level of fitness technique push-UPS.
  • Quick sasakianime on the platform or jumping on her.
  • Attacks in different variations. This exercise depending on the complexity of technology and level of physical training you can perform with and without weights.
  • A variety of twisting for the study of the muscles of the press.
  • Burpee — a mini set of exercises, including squats, push-UPS and jumping out of focus while sitting with the Commission of cotton over his head.
  • Running, elliptical or any other kind of cardio depending on the individual medical contraindications.
  • Pull-UPS with fixation of hands on the crossbar of the horizontal bar in any convenient grip.
  • Dips or gravitron exercise machine that functionally simulates the apparatus.
  • “Area” is an exercise involving the lifting of the lower extremities in vis with subsequent fixation of the legs in a position parallel to the floor for a few seconds.
  • Examples of fitness workouts

    Doing crossfit, people with low levels of fitness and experience to fitness after a good warm-up for 7-10 minutes you can use the following terms of exercise:

  • Burpee (5 reps).
  • Crunches (10 times).
  • Jumping on the platform (5-10 reps).
  • Pulling (up to 5 times).
  • Running with a maximum speed at a distance of 200 meters.
  • This programme of exercises for 15 minutes, resting in between cycles for a short time and working almost at the limit of physical possibilities. Gradually the number of repetitions of each element in the complex must be increased by 3-5 times, reducing the rest period to a minimum.

    People who have a sufficient level of training of the muscles and good stamina, can hold its first classes crossfit training complex from 7-9 exercises that are executed in 5 cycles after a thorough warm-up. This complex can include the following training dynamics:

  • Burpee (20 reps).
  • Squats with weights (up to 30 times).
  • Or any other explosive push UPS performed in a complex technique (20 repetitions).
  • Jumping on the high platform (20 jumps).
  • Pull-UPS (10 repetitions).
  • Squats Pistol (10 times on each of the supporting lower limb).
  • Crunches (30 reps).
  • Men who are engaged in crossfit for several months, can use the following plan when organizing a fitness workout:

  • Warm-up, held for 5-10 minutes.
  • Sprint for a distance of 800-1000 meters.
  • Push-UPS with a negative inclination of the trunk (up to 50 times).
  • Squats with weights (100 repetitions).
  • Burpee (up to 50 times in the classic version or progress to 30 reps in the complicated technique).
  • Jumping on the high platform (30 jumps).
  • Sprint at 800 meters.
  • Hitch, including a walk with a gradual decrease of speed (200 m), after which you need to perform several stretching exercises.
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