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Classes at the fitness center: how to start?

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Classes at the fitness center: how to start?

Classes at the fitness center seem to be newcomers with something crazy complex, especially when there is no possibility to use the services of a personal trainer. Novice supporters of the HLS often do not even know what is a particular machine and do not possess the proper technique of the exercise. Understanding of the structure of training is committed to ensuring that classes in the fitness center simple and efficient.

Training begins with warm-up

Before performing strength exercises, the athlete should have a good warm up, so at the beginning of classes in the fitness centre should always be planned workout. Its main goal is to increase muscle elasticity and reduce risk of injury to earn in the future.

Start a training session is recommended with a five minute sessions on the cardio. The most gentle for the health of the joints has the effect of spin bike, a little more load and gives a treadmill, a stepper can be used only in the absence of contraindications. Then execute the various swings and the rotation of the limbs. It is advisable to start with the upper body and inclinations of the head to warm the feet. Traffic can be borrowed from the training part of school physical education classes.

Study muscles at the gym

Turning to the main part of the workout, you should immediately abandon the use of free weights in favor of the special equipment. Dumbbells and barbells should be left to the more experienced gym attendees. The weight should be adjusted based on fifteen to twenty repetitions. Between exercises, you can do a short pause.

At the beginning of the workout need to work large groups of muscles, so the first load is getting hip. To use the front part of the thigh, you should perform leg extension in the sitting position. Hamstring is loaded during flexion, and buttocks become toned and firmer bolstered legs back.

Then go to work on the back. To pump of the broadest muscles, you need to make traction of the upper block for the head. It is advisable to use a wide grip and perform the exercise in a sitting position. Muscles-extensors should be worked out with the help of hyperextension.

The most effective exercise for chest muscles is the bench press. You must complete the exercise in two ways: on the horizontal bar and at an angle of forty-five degrees. Bench sitting will help to work out the shoulders, which is also useful for the breeding of hands. Complete training exercises on your hands and press: press crossover, bend hands bodybare, bending of the trunk, lifting and twisting on the bench. The above system helps to develop harmoniously the human body.

How to exercise if you first time came in gym

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