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Circular fitness training: syllabus and basic exercises

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Circular fitness training: syllabus and basic exercises
The contents

  • The use of the circular fitness workouts
  • Basic exercises for training in the technique of circular
  • The plan of the circular fitness classes

Sports training, in which exercises are performed one after another for a certain period of time, called circular. When using such equipment in the process of providing physical activity to achieve the most effective results due to the intensive work of the muscles and active stimulation of the metabolism in the body.

The use of the circular fitness workouts

Fitness classes that use the technique, involving execution of all planned exercise movements in a circle, have such a positive effect on the human body:

  • strengthens muscles and increases its mass and volume.

Such an effect from holding the a circular fitness workouts is due to the fact that such classes have a much larger metabolic response than standard training. In circular workouts every element is working a certain muscle group, but in the end it turns out that intensely works the whole musculature. Such strong physical load is exerted on the body during fitness activities causes stress to which the body reacts by mobilizing its internal resources. This leads to active stimulation of metabolic processes and qualitative strengthening muscles;

  • increase power performance.

During the circular fitness workouts on the background of strengthening and development of muscle naturally increase the physical indicators of the strength. This is possible due to the fact that muscles are constantly evolving, and their fibers are compacted and thicken;

  • reducing the amount of fat.

Circular fitness training is quite energy-intensive, and engaging all major muscle groups, which subsequently, during regeneration, consume a large amount of energy. All of these processes in the complex lead to the fact that the body begins to break down cells of fat tissues in order to provide your system with additional energy.

Basic exercises for training in the technique of circular

In fitness training that is performed in circular technique, you can include the following training facilities:

  • Push The “House”.

This exercise for developing the deltoids is performed in the following way: you need to put the foot on the hill and rests palms direct hands on the floor. The housing must be tilted so that the head and torso was almost perpendicular to the floor. Breathing in, you should bend the elbows and bring the head and not the chest, as is the case in classic pushups to the floor. When the top will be as close as possible to the floor and your forearm will be perpendicular, you will need to straighten elbows and return to starting position, exhaling during this period.

  • Pull-UPS on one hand.

To fulfill this element of fitness training, beginners can throw a strap or cord through the horizontal bar and hold on to its edge during pull-UPS. More seasoned fitness enthusiasts can do without this technique, and hold onto the rail with one hand. Doing a deep breath, it should, by bending the elbow to bring the body to the bar. On the exhale, you want to descend into the bottom position and repeat the exercise. For uniform development of the muscles of the shoulders should be tightened an equal number of times with each hand.

  • Pushups focus on one hand.

This option involves push-UPS starting position, in which the way to the floor is socks feet and one hand. Idle hands should start at the back or tightly secured to the housing. Breathing, must bend the elbow of the support hand and bring the chest to the floor on the minimum distance. Exhaling in the bottom position, return to starting position throughout the exercise.

  • Lifts the foot to toe.

Stand near any hills, put it on one foot so that the heel is hanging down. Straining calf muscles, you first need to climb as high as possible on toes and then lower your heel below the level of the hills, stretching so the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles and the ligaments of the ankle.

  • Pull-UPS with fixation of the feet in parallel with the floor.

To take the horizontal bar and hang on it. Lower limbs thus it is necessary to pull in front of him so that the bending angle between them and the body was 90 degrees. Breathing in, pull yourself up and exhale to lower down to the starting position without changing the position of your feet.

  • Lifting on socks, focusing his hands on the wall.

To perform this exercise, you need to stand near the wall in the distance is a smart move to rest on her hands and forearms, not lifting with your heels off the floor. When the shins feel maximum stretch, you need to go for a pair of socks. A few seconds later, we again stand on the whole foot and in the moment of greatest tension in the muscles to rise to the toes, making the next repetition.

  • Reverse pushups on one hand.

To complete this element of the fitness classes you need to get back to low hill, a little sit down to rest on her hand, pulling the foot forward. Breathing in, you should bend the elbow and lower the pelvis down. Exhaling, return to starting position. This exercise should be repeated equal number of times on each hand.

The plan of the circular fitness classes

Circuit training that includes the above exercises should be carried out according to the following schedule:

  • The total workout duration of 3-7 minutes, which includes light cardio. This workout is designed to quicken the pulse and a slight increase in body temperature.
  • Special warm-up, aimed at stimulation of blood flow to target muscles and joints workout that will be involved.
  • The main part, which should consist of 4-5 exercises for treatment of the entire body and its most problematic areas.
  • Hitch for stretching muscle fibres to reduce tension in the muscles and intensification of regeneration processes in muscle tissue.
  • Minutes of the circuit training involves the observance of such conditions:

    • recommended frequency of training 2-3 times a week;
    • each exercise should be repeated up to 20 times;
    • the number of rounds depends on the degree of muscle development and physical fitness. Beginners can run 2-3 laps, and more experienced fitness people, 5 to 6;
    • between the circles need to rest for 1-2 minutes. If needed between exercises you can also do a short pause (approximately 30 seconds);
    • the load intensity should be systematically strengthened by adding the number of rounds or the number of repetitions in each of them, as well as reducing rest periods.

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