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Circular fitness: the advantages and disadvantages of exercise

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Circular fitness: the advantages and disadvantages of exercise
The contents

  • Features a circular fitness workouts
  • The benefits and shortcomings of exercise in a circular pattern
  • Examples of fitness in circular technique for women

The effectiveness of physical exercise depends on exercise program. Properly drafted a work plan which takes into account the level of physical training and includes exercises aimed at solving individual problems with the figure, can guarantee positive results quickly. Circular diagram of training due to its efficiency has long been one of the most popular among beginners and experienced fitness people.

Features a circular fitness workouts

Circular fitness training is a sequential execution of a number of exercise movements that are performed one after another with minimal rest period between exercises. One circle may include, depending on the level of physical training, from 4 to 8 exercise movements, each of which runs 10-20 times. The rest period between each exercise usually is 2-5 minutes. The length of the circular fitness classes, which include a complete warm-up and pushback, can be from 40 to 60 minutes.

Using the circuit training, you can have the load on all the major muscle groups and muscles of a particular body part. The priority of the task depends on the level of muscle training and experience in fitness. Beginners usually aim for one of the fitness workout to work the muscles of the whole body comprehensively to improve overall physical fitness, and more experienced gym attendees often use the technique of circular training for accented study of individual muscle groups.

The benefits and shortcomings of exercise in a circular pattern

The use of the circular fitness is not in doubt, because it gives the opportunity to quickly achieve the following positive results:

  • to burn large amounts of calories in the shortest possible period of time;
  • to maximize the rate of metabolic processes;
  • qualitatively strengthen the heart muscles and entire circulatory system;
  • to develop the breathing apparatus;
  • to tone and stimulate the development of the muscles of the whole body;
  • increase endurance of muscles and cardiovascular system;
  • to improve General fitness, hormonal balance and emotional state.

The disadvantages of the circular fitness workouts include the following features:

  • work at an accelerated pace and a frequent change of the training motions allows beginners to fully focus on work, so the correct technique is often violated;
  • because of the lack of proper rest when you exercise and caused by this circumstance significantly reduced fatigue strength;
  • circular fitness training load not only muscles of the body and other systems of the body, but also the Central nervous system, because you have to work at an accelerated pace, memorizing the technique, number of repetitions and sequence of exercises. Overstrain of the Central nervous system and a heavy load on the body can cause overtraining, which is characterized not only by loss of strength, weakness and loss of motivation, and sleep disorders, increased excitability, or, conversely, apathy and other unpleasant symptoms. For this reason circuit training is not recommended for most 3 times a week.

Examples of fitness in circular technique for women

Women who want to strengthen muscles and to increase strength and endurance, can use in their circular fitness activities the following work plan involving 3 trainings a week. On the first day after a quality workout, which should include elements of joint exercises and cardiagnose moderate intensity, you must complete the following training facilities:

  • Squats with dumbbells (10-12 reps).
  • Hyperextension to strengthen the muscles of the back (12-15 times).
  • The direct ascent of the lower limbs raises (10-15 reps). If the level of fitness, this exercise can be performed, pulling knees bent to his chest.
  • Dumbbell bench press lying on an inclined bench sports (12-15 reps).
  • Pull the upper block to the chest (up to 12 times).
  • The breeding of the upper extremities with dumbbells in hand, standing in the slope (12-15 times).
  • Hitch for stretching muscles and relieving them of tension.

In the second day of training after a workout you must perform the following set of exercises:

  • Dumbbell bench press, sitting on sports bench (up to 12 times).
  • The breeding of the upper extremities with dumbbells standing in the slope (from 10 to 15 times).
  • Push-UPS with emphasis hands to the bench behind, or reverse push-UPS (10-12 reps).
  • Twisting, lying on the fitball (15-20 times).
  • Press the lower extremities in the simulator (10 to 12 reps).
  • Flexion of the lower limbs, lying in the simulator (12-15 times).
  • Hitch.

In the third training day after the workout, you should perform these exercises:

  • Hyperextension on an exercise ball or reverse crunches on an exercise ball (up to 12 times).
  • The mixing of the upper extremities in the simulator (12-15 reps).
  • Lunges with weights (for 10-12 times on each lower extremity).
  • Pull the lower block to the stomach (12 reps).
  • Abduction of the lower limb back to the simulator (15 times on each leg).
  • Pull the lower block to the breast and hold the handles wide grip (10-12 reps).
  • Hitch.

Women who want the pie workouts to get rid of extra pounds, it is recommended to use the following plan exercise, is designed to host two classes per week. In the first training day you should perform a set of exercises:

  • The warm-up.
  • The exercise “Jumping Jack” — the mixing and dilution of the limbs in the jump (30 times).
  • Pushups in the classic version or in the emphasis on the knees (10 times).
  • The slopes of the body forward, standing on one leg diverting newporno lower limbs back and up (15 times on each leg).
  • Squats (20 reps).
  • Strap (maximum possible time).
  • Hitch.

During the second week of the fitness classes you must complete the following training facilities:

  • The warm-up.
  • Twisting (20-25 times).
  • Lunges (20 times for each lower limb).
  • Exercise “Cliffhanger” — bringing knees to chest in push-up position (up to 30 times).
  • The gluteal bridge with support on one foot (15 reps on each leg).
  • Mahi lower limbs aside (up to 20 times in each direction).
  • Jumping rope (5 minutes).
  • Hitch.

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