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Circuit training for women: effective weight loss

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Trying to get rid of excess weight, women often resort to senseless and diets, which slows down metabolism and there are various hormonal disorders. What to do if you want to have a beautiful shape and toned body?

Training circular for women is the best solution to the issue of body fat. When observing proper technique of exercises and rest intervals, this complex gives a visible effect very quickly! After a few workouts will start to leave the volume. We recommend you to make measurements before class to feel pride in their results.

After reading the article you will understand how to train in a round-Robin home or in the gym, and will be able to consider factors that will make the training more effective.

What you should know about circular training?

First of all, this is a very heavy load that is difficult, it will be given to the one who has forgotten what exercise. The complexes are aimed at burning body fat without losing muscle, so the body acquires a pleasant shape and even topography.

Circuit training for girls is a great set of exercises that are performed one after another, only after that, a break of 1-2 minutes and the set is repeated again several times. One round consists of between 6 to 10 exercises, at training you have to do at least 4 laps, maximum — 6. In this approach, training takes about one and a half hours. It is important that the repetitions in the exercises vary in the range from 12 to 15.

To start you should train with a small amount of exercises and laps, as soon as you feel that is easy to handle and add more.

Circuit training for fat loss for women is organized with short intervals of rest, so the pulse during class reaches the transition aerobic-anaerobic zone, in which the body from using muscle glycogen becomes to a greater extent on fat oxidation. The intensity and method of carrying out crossfit and TABATA Protocol relates to circular training.

What good is such practice?

Training facilities, despite the benefits they can bring, have contraindications. Tell us a bit about the pros and the cons.


  • rapid weight loss;
  • the development of the relief and give the body;
  • a significant increase in endurance and strength;
  • strengthening of the cardiovascular system;
  • training save time: in a short interval occurs more work.


  • increases the load on the heart;
  • harmful to people with heart disease, arrhythmia, hypertension, high intracranial pressure;
  • in the hall are busy some of the machines, so you have to run circles with additional breaks.

Circuit training for girls

The following exercise is a basic set of exercises that are suitable even for poorly equipped room. In the complex you can always add more exercise to upgrade the core or replace the equipment on the corresponding group of muscles.

  • Squats with weights. Working the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. At the initial stage, you need to practice the technique without weights or with light weights 1-2 lbs. Then increase weight. squatting with bodybare or neck of the bar.
  • Exercises on press. The upper part of the press kicks in when lifting the torso is twisting with avulsion only blades, twisting on the floor. While raising the legs and twisting the lower body a big load on the lower abs. Examples of exercises on the lower part of the press: the rise of leg raises from a prone position on the floor.
  • For the chest muscles: push-UPS, crossover simulators “Butterfly” or “hammer”.
  • biceps pump exercises on the bending of the arms with the weight, and triceps — extension: French press, extension of the hands in the slope with dumbbells, straightening on the upper block.
  • Thrust block to the chest and behind the head wide grip uses the muscles of the upper back, hyperextension and deadlifts will work the lower part.
  • Various lunges: forward, backward, double screen – will also develop front, back and inner surface of the thigh muscles. The extra weight in the form of dumbbells or barbells will increase the load.

Not yet perfected the technique, it is best to do under the supervision of a coach or an experienced mentor. He will teach you to feel the targeted muscles in each exercise, check the correctness of execution.

Circuit training at home – is this possible?

Circuit training at home possible with no additional hardware and is suitable for beginners, but the cozy atmosphere is not conducive to the sport, so seriously make up your mind to perform the exercises with maximum efficiency. Do many repetitions, then you will understand which muscles are involved in the work, and what was superfluous.

Adjust yourself, taking a more comfortable position, try different variations of the same exercise, finding the best for yourself.

Circuit training for home lasts 30-40 minutes, and for those who do not have a great time, there is the TABATA Protocol. 15 minutes of super intensive work is pumping all the major muscle groups.

Circuit training at home

  • Cardio warm up — Jogging in place, jumping rope, the exercise “Star”.
  • Squats with your weight later, you can pick up bottles of water.
  • Lunges in different directions.
  • Pushups from the wall, from the bed, from the floor on his knees.
  • Abdominal exercises: crunches, Bicycle, plank.
  • Gluteal bridge — lifting the pelvis from the prone position on the floor with bent legs.
  • For the hands, suitable extension and flexion with bottles for the shoulders — Mahi front, to the sides, the bench of the makeshift dumbbells standing up.
  • In the end you can add burpees.

Choose 1 exercise for each group and you can do your own circuit training.

Learn more about TABATA training

The TABATA Protocol is often used in fitness programs, but it’s not forbidden to use it at home, if health permits. This is an explosive workout for girls at home. When time is short, but beautiful shapes you want, then get ready — it will be difficult.

Each round of TABATA is 4 minutes. One approach lasts 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds. Such cycles will have 8. Thus it is necessary to do exercises at a high pace. Between rounds is allowed a break of 1-2 minutes, and then do the following exercise in the same mode. Home circuit training style TABATA seems steeper than the gym.

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