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Chul Sung and Samson Dauda at Monsterzym Korea Pro 2020

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British pro heavyweight Samson Dauda was unable to compete at the Wings of Strength Tampa Pro in Florida on August 1st. The athlete was not missed by the airport service due to travel restrictions between countries in the Covid-19 pandemic. As reported, the "Nigerian Lion" then stated:

"It's not over yet, we'll move on."

And so the organizers of the qualifier tournament Monsterzym Korea Pro 2020 have added this British bodybuilder to the starting lineup of the open category. The competition will be held on August 22 and 23 in the city of Incheon in South Korea. Special guest star guest Chul Sung will host the ceremonies at the Monstersim Korea Pro stage. This popular presenter and athlete of the Musclemania Pro Federation recently had a son.

IFBB Monsterzym Pro, Olympia Qualifier, Bodybuilding Open Competitors:

1. Jang Sung Yong @ifbbpro_dragon
2. Samson Dauda @ifbbpro_samsondauda
3. Lee Seung Chul @bodybuilderchul
4. Hong Gi Ju @ifbbpro_hong

(IFBB Monsterzym Pro Weekend)
Aug 21,22,23 Paradise City, Korea
Monsterzym Korea Pro 2020
08/10/2020 323 0

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