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Chris Bumstead was hospitalized

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The young canadian, who plays in category Classic Physique Chris Bumstead (Bumstead Chris) told why he is on the stage of the Olympia 2018 haven’t looked dry. Turned out the culprit was his congenital disease of autoimmune nature that is associated with the immunoglobulin. In a time of extreme preparation for the posing on stage in Las Vegas Bumstead noticed that his legs are completely encapsulated subcutaneous water and its weight is growing rapidly. Then he’s in the hospital took a biopsy and its results, has prescribed a minimum mandatory acceptance of prednisone intensive immune depressant. Standing threat to attack the internal organs of Chris with his own body. But for canadian athletes in the first place was a decent performance at the Olympia 2018, so he sacrificed his treatment, prepared to pose and became Vice-champion of his category classic-Physicist.

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