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Chin-chin: wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages that help to lose weight

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Xenia King, sports nutritionist, fitness trainer, member of the national Association of dietitians and nutritionists: “a Large number of programs for weight loss strictly prohibits the consumption of alcohol during the diet. This ban stems from several reasons. First, alcohol is another energy source, along with proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Yes, unlike the three friends, PFC, surplus energy from alcohol in fat can not be deposited. But alcohol is always paired with snacks. And that’s what we get: drank a glass, and the top is eaten. That turned surplus. Alcohol in fat are not deposited, and the rich dinner very much. Second, the beverages of a strength of up to 15 degrees kindle the appetite. That’s why a glass of wine with a small bowl of olives very often in Europe to bring to an aperitif. Third, alcohol intoxication causes loss of consciousness. If you tend to overeating away from boredom or during times of stress, the effects of alcohol will only exacerbate these habits. In accordance with the recommendations of the world Health Organization, moderate alcohol consumption is acceptable. Moderate is not so much. For example, 140 ml of wine for the evening or 350 ml of beer. While not every day. Still 4 days a week it is still recommended to stay completely sober.”


Caloric value per 100 ml: 40 calories

This low calorie due to the fact that the beer is a little bit of alcohol (5-10%). He has a very high glycemic index of 110. For comparison, the chemical of juice in the package it will be equal to 70. However, beer contains yeast, but this wealth of b vitamins But also brewer’s yeast contribute to rapid weight gain. To prevent this from happening, a day you can drink no more than 350 ml.


Caloric value per 100 ml: 70 kcal

Wine is one of the most low-calorie drinks, plus its glycemic index is low — 44. But even with these indicators, not to gain extra, should not exceed the daily rate of consumption is 140 ml. Also, the wine is not recommended to drink in the acidity of the stomach, as it increases the production of hydrochloric acid, which is not very good for the body in General and can cause heartburn, aggravation of gastritis.

Spirits: vodka, tequila, whiskey

Caloric value per 100 ml: 260-320 calories

Calorie spirits high. However, all calories are calories alcohol. In 96% ethanol contains 7 kcal. In strong drinks is not sugar and additives, so their glycemic index is zero. But do not be deceived, combined with eating the caloric content of these drinks will create an energy surplus. Yes, from the alcohol to fat, nothing will pass, but dinner is very even. Can you afford a day not more than one pile with vodka, tequila or a small glass of whiskey with no harm to health.


Caloric value of egg liqueur 100 g: 253 kcal

As part of the liquor is sure to be the sugar, and, of course, about 20% alcohol. For example, in the famous egg in addition to 253 kcal the composition contains 33 grams of carbohydrates. This means that about half of the caloric value of sugar. Drinks with sugar is just empty calories that do not give a sense of satiety. But thanks to them, extra pounds stick quickly. I can not deny myself this pleasure? Then your daily dose of 70 ml of liquor.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Caloric value per 100 ml: 140 calories

In the famous Cosmopolitan cocktail, which is a glass to glass drank heroine of the cult TV series “Sex and the city”, about 140 kcal per 100 g. But do not forget that the standard portion in the same beautiful glass — 225 g, and thus 1 cocktail — 330 kcal. Five cocktails that you can enjoy quietly under gossip with her friends, will be your daily norm of calories. But one cocktail, you can skip — and it will not affect the figure.

Any kind of alcohol is just empty calories from alcohol and sugar. Of course, we cannot say that these drinks are part of a balanced diet. When we orientirueshsya to the needs of the body, it never asked us about alcohol. More about warm soup, a piece of meat and a large salad. But in addition to concerns about physical health in our lives there is still a place of spontaneity, rebelliousness, fun gatherings with friends. Completely avoiding alcoholic beverages, we forget about that our psychological health too requires care. And there is a strict ban not affect positively. Because our goal is to develop an adequate eating behavior, without excesses.

In our life there is a place for desserts and alcoholic cocktails when this is not a reason to overeat, get drunk, to escape from problems, stress and unpleasant situations. Food and drink — it’s just food and drinks. If we approach it from this point of view, our figure and sobriety is not threatened.

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