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Chase anxiety away: 6 ways to calm down in seconds

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1. Focus on the breath

Put your hands on your belly and think about how you inhale and exhale air. Count breaths: one — inhale, two — exhale, pay attention to the movements of the body, live in the present moment. Just 10 seconds in many cases is enough to calm down.

2. Pay attention to your feelings

Is it convenient foot stand on the floor? Well there are hands on the keyboard? Pressed Lee back to the back of the chair? Any sensation that brings you back to reality, will help to distract from the sad thoughts. Let them to fly safely in your head, but as soon as they start to seize you completely, move the focus to feelings.

3. Check yourself from head to toe

No, it does not need to go to the doctor. Close your eyes and turn your mental gaze on his head, then slowly move down, stopping for a few seconds the eyes, nose, neck, hands… Assess whether feeling different parts of the body. Don’t wait for any special feelings, just observe them and move on. Repeat exercise 2-3 times and compare the experience of different “scans”.

4. Imagine the sunlight pouring from the heavens

As if you sit by the window or lie on the beach, and the sun shines right in the face, fills all parts of the body. Let the warmth, light and calm will prevent emotional overload.

5. Just think about what comes to mind

Yes, it sounds strange, but try not to chase away troubled thoughts, and to sit down and sink into them, without expectations, focus and fear. Thus, the brain will receive extra neural connections to quickly deal with negativity.

6. Talk to yourself as a friend

Ask yourself what you love most, focus on your thoughts about it. A few seconds will feel like the second “I” separated from you and taken away worrisome thoughts with you.

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