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Charging and warm-up: rules and use of exercise for health

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Charging and warm-up: rules and use of exercise for health
The contents

  • Use charge and how it differs from other fitness activities
  • Rules of performance of exercises charge
  • A set of exercises charging for the whole body

Simple physical exercises performed with target muscles and joints in a short period of time is called supply. Usually it is performed in the morning immediately after waking up, but in some cases, such as sedentary work, charging can and should be run and throughout the day.

Use charge and how it differs from other fitness activities

Charge consisting of simple exercises and running in the morning has such a beneficial effect on the human body:

  • helps to smoothly transition from sleep to active wakefulness;
  • results muscle tone;
  • increases the elasticity of connective tissues;
  • improves the functionality of the joints by stimulating production of synovial fluid;
  • reduces the risk of a syndrome of hypokinesia, which is characterized by reduced vitality, fatigue, low mood and irritability;
  • increases stamina and energizes;
  • enhances the performance of fitness activities aimed at increasing muscle mass or reducing excess weight;
  • improves physical capacity of the body and protective functions of the body.

Use perform simple exercises throughout the day, among other things, is to eliminate tension in the muscles, of the joints and the prevention of diseases resulting from physical inactivity.

Charging is different from full fitness following features:

  • lasting less than 20 minutes, which is much less than the time usually takes a complete fitness training;
  • exercise charging are simple and do not require particular athletic skills.
  • physical load exerted on the body when performing the charging is minimal, so it is not tiring as a full-fledged fitness classes;
  • charging pursues its main objective the improvement of the body and not lose weight or increase muscle volume.

Rules of performance of exercises charge

To the charge was useful and safe, and not turned into a standard fitness classes, you need is to follow a few simple rules:

  • morning warm-up should be carried out on an empty stomach, after drinking a glass of warm water;
  • the intensity of the exercise load should be increased incrementally. In other words, you need to start charging with the lightest of movements and finish her most challenging;
  • motion, work out the joints, you need to perform smoothly, without jerks;
  • the maximum charging time should not exceed 20 minutes;
  • the number of exercise and number of repetitions should correspond to the level of physical training. When compiling the program charge you need to focus on the feeling of vivacity arising after its implementation. If you instead feeling fatigued, then the set of exercises should be simplified.

A set of exercises charging for the whole body

Well-organized charge should include a few practice blocks, during each of which performs a set of exercises for a particular body part. For example, in this unit, aimed at the elaboration of muscles of the neck and cervical area of the spine, can include the following simple movements of the head:

  • Slow head turning from side to side.
  • Smooth rotational movement of the head in different directions.
  • The head tilts first forward and backward and then left and right.
  • For the study of upper limb joints during charging you need to perform a number of such exercises:

  • Rotational motion with your fists to improve mobility of the wrist. With the same purpose, you can rotate the brush chained to the castle.
  • Slow lifts the shoulders, performed simultaneously by two shoulders and alternately each of them.
  • The rotational motion of the shoulders. This exercise should be performed, first working with two shoulders, and then each separately.
  • Circular motion of the forearms for the study of the elbow joints.
  • Breeding hands. To perform them you need to first bend the arms so that their upper part was at shoulder level, and the brush near his chest. Next, you need to make a few pulsating movements of the elbows to the sides, and then straighten the upper limb and to breed them, connecting the blades and opening the chest.
  • For qualitative examination of the whole body during charging, will be sufficient execution of such workouts:

  • Stand up straight with your feet slightly wider than shoulders. Inhale, stretch the belly and rounding your back, lean forward, or trying to touch the toes or, if the level of physical training, put the palms on the floor. Pausing in the slope for a few seconds, straighten up. This exercise should be performed smoothly.
  • Standing straight, put the hands on the waist or hips and perform a few circular movements of the pelvis first one way and then the other, trying to describe the circle of maximal diameter. The upper body should not move. Describing several circles with the pelvis, you can perform them movement, reminiscent of eight.
  • Without changing the initial posture, tilt your body to the right while pulling your left hand up and aiming it in the direction of the slope. After a few tilts to the right, repeat the exercise leaning to the left and raising his right upper limb.
  • Rotate the housing. Standing smoothly, turn the body left so much to be able to look behind. In this exercise, you need to lower torso fixed in a stationary position; the heels should not be off the floor.
  • Training charging block, which worked out lower limbs, you need to do in the last turn. It may include a number of such exercises:

  • Alternately swings the lower limbs in different directions. You must perform an equal number of repetitions on each leg.
  • Rotational motion of the knees clockwise and counter her moves.
  • Lifting on socks.
  • Walking in place with high knee lift.
  • Squats.
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