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“Change for yourself”: a reader Cosmo about how she has lost almost 50 kg

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Among my women friends not to that which once sat on a diet. Each of us is pursuing certain goals, someone lose weight for someone who something for yourself. In the struggle for harmony many of us pursuing the physical and visual result, but rarely does anyone think about the fact that changing the outside, we change inside.

In his article I’m not going to write about how I managed to “lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks” or how I lost weight by eating Goji berries and green coffee, I will write about how I managed to lose weight, change yourself not only externally but also from within. Often ask myself the question: who I was a year and a half ago? A year and a half ago, I was a confident girl who can afford to wear the clothes he wants. A year and a half ago, I was not the girl who gets compliments. A year and a half ago, I certainly was not a girl who likes herself “for nothing”. But who I was a year and a half ago? I was the self-contained girl, not knowing that I “live” not “exist.” I spoke only with those with whom I was comfortable with only my “close circle”. I did not attend parties, corporate parties and other holidays for the banal reason: I was embarrassed to be me. I was 22 and I weighed 127 kg with height 168 cm Every trip to the store ended in tears: I bought the “hoodies” that concealed my weight. I didn’t want a manicure, makeup and other “girl” joy was not about me. I didn’t love myself.

Another trip to the store ended in tears. But I realized that I no longer want to wear robes and clothes of the 54th the size that I “distort”. And I started to change my life. For a start I changed my diet and now I eat 5-6 times a day, small portions. For Breakfast and lunch, I eat proteins, fats and carbohydrates, for dinner only vegetables and protein. In my new diet a lot of vegetables, but if I want sweet, I allow myself a few slices of dark chocolate, fruit or halva. The main rule: my limit is 1700 calories a day. In my sport: I’m working with a coach who advises me and gives me tips on nutrition, support my enthusiasm with me and rejoices to my victories. I was doing 3 times a week, alternating weights and cardio training. The first 20 kg in 4 months, and then came a watershed moment for me, when the result is visible in the mirror, but the balance was still terrible three-digit number. Thanks to my coach, he explained to me that we must not look at the numbers, and clothing, which I “hung”.

After 1 year and 3 months I lost 48 kg. Today the scales show 79 kg, but stop there I’m not going! Sometimes I don’t perceive “new” itself, and, going to the store with the clothes, the habit of looking for the largest size. My coach, my friends and acquaintances proud of me, and some people who have not seen me for more than a year, and did not know at the meeting.

And now the most important question for me: who am I now? Today I am a confident girl who looks at life positively and engaged in their favorite thing. I am proud of myself, proud of myself, I like to live, and buying new clothes gives me pleasure. I began to love myself and I love it. And I want to say to the girls who recognized himself in my story, just one: don’t change for someone, change only for yourself.”

Your Anna Israelian

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