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Championship of Ukraine on bodybuilding, fitness and athleticism WBPF

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Roman Yushchenko placed the invitation to a championship of Ukraine on bodybuilding, fitness and athleticism Federation WBPF, which will be held from 11 to 12 may in the Palace of Culture of KPI (Kyiv-56, PR-t Pobedy 37). For ads, Tetiana Lutsak (Member of the ExecutiveCommittee of WBPF, member of the EBPF Executive Committee, Executive Assistant to President of UBPF and PSL):

11 that 12 may 2019 the rock Sal the Palace of Culture “KPI” (PR-t Peremogi, 37) progoti doden zmahannya for titles nycrama have mayzhe 30 disciplne: from tenth Ducat models to kremesnik colocs-boduberu. On the second day of the Championship, after proposed ostanni peremogu, nicras s nycrama sedutsya have Dobo for the preezy nagaradi u under eltoro turnrow “II VL CLASSIC ELITE 2019”! How to participate at Turner? Sportsmen, you flies:^polozhenie-o-provedenii-chempionata-ukrainy-ubpf-2019-11-12-maya-kiev^

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