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Causes of weight gain after fitness workouts

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Causes of weight gain after fitness workouts
The contents

  • The main reason of increasing weight
  • Factors of increasing weight after fitness workouts
  • How to fix the situation
  • Weight gain after anaerobic exercise
  • Weight gain after aerobic physical activity

The common misconception not only beginners but also for advanced athletes is that weight gain is a natural result of fitness training. But if the sports load is carried out without the use of weights and nutrition on the basis of proteins, the weight gain definitely has nothing to do with sports. Why, then, after a series of exercises body weight increases? You need to understand what is behind this: poor diet, ill-distributed, physical activity or other error.

The main reason of increasing weight

Cases when athletes immediately after regular training gaining weight not so rare. All because the main reason for the weight gain is failure to comply with rules and healthy diet.

Why suddenly increased the body weight after the planned fitness training? After heavy exercise the body requires recovery of all the energy reserves he spent. Not all athletes, especially beginners, are able to restrain themselves and not to take it out on forbidden foods.

Instructors insist on a balanced and at the same time a limited diet after exercise. At first, it really helps keeping a fitness diary that allows you to control the amount of food eaten and also the calories. The main mistake of beginners is the use of fast food and other food waste, which would be of no benefit to the body.

Factors of increasing weight after fitness workouts

Fitness instructors there are several main causes which bring the body and contribute to weight gain after exercise.

  • Insufficient daily calorie.

Strict diet — just not an option. The body with a large deficit of calories is in a state of stress and slows the metabolism for the forced preservation of energy reserves. For this reason, after exercise is recommended to consume dishes that are rich in protein and slow carbs, not empty calories (for example, a piece of chicken breast or squid would be preferable biscuits).

  • The body has not yet adjusted to the loaded mode.

All physiological processes in the right rhythm, physical activity should be systematic and increase gradually with each subsequent workout. This approach avoids the frequently encountered effect of training plateau (sports stagnation).

  • Medication.

Some medications in a natural way slow down or even stop all fat-burning process in the body. Perhaps the dosage of drugs have to correct: consult a physician for detailed advice on this issue.

  • A frequent reason for the increase in body weight after fitness workouts is a quick muscle mass gain.

In this case, fat cells do not have time to split, keeping the tight body fat. This means that training facilities should be included the physical load on the cardiovascular equipment. Consult your coach to choose the most appropriate for their level exercise program.

How to fix the situation

Each athlete may try to correct the situation yourself. You must observe the following set of rules:

  • don’t leave fitness training: continue to perform the exercises in a usual mode;
  • balance your diet, calculate your allowable calorie intake, and follow the prescriptions of the instructor;
  • consume special sports nutrition, if the coach gives permission to do so;
  • change the types of physical activity: diversify training new exercises with varying degrees of intensity;
  • start fitness workout with warm-up complex, and end with stretching;
  • ditch unhealthy habits, including Smoking and consumption of alcohol beverages;
  • set up sleep mode: often fatigue and lack of quality rest leads to effect of a plateau and stress, which cause weight gain.

Weight gain after anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise often comes weight gain. This is due to physiological factors — water retention in muscle tissue. Such physical exertion requires a large amount of nutrients, so the blood and other body fluids enter the muscles for active circulation.

Glycogen keeps the received fluid in the muscles, so they can adapt to the fiznagruzki that they undergo.

The situation will correct tension from the muscles, and special massage normalizes blood flow and lymph flow.

It is also worth remembering that after anaerobic exercise can not be tightly bite.

Weight gain after aerobic physical activity

After cardio, too, may be a sharp increase in weight. This is due to various reasons.

  • Unbalanced calorie.

If a person uses a lot of fast food and fast carbs, even with active exercise will help to burn the calories consumed. Only a balanced diet allows the body time to break down the incoming food calories.

  • Abuse of salty, spicy and smoked dishes.

They delay fluid in the body, which is the basic premise to weight gain.

  • Health problems.

Weight gain can cause some diseases of the endocrine system. These ailments do not allow you to lose weight even with regular exercise. For this reason, if any strange symptoms should consult an endocrinologist and start taking medications to improve health.

  • The decrease in the level of glucose in the blood.

Immediately after the conducted fitness training requires a small, but quite hearty snack that will restore glucose levels.

  • Excessive consumption of sports nutrition.

Many of the nutrient complexes have a high caloric content, but some beginners do not even know. Sports nutrition option for those professionals who regularly withstand heavy loads and need the additional nutritional support your regular diet.

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