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Cardio training for weight loss: rules and exercises

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Cardio training for weight loss: rules and exercises
The contents

  • Cardio, as a variant of aerobic exercise
  • Group exercises for weight loss
  • The rules for constructing effective exercises for weight loss
  • Steps to success

Cardio training is a set of exercises aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system. In translation, cardio (from Greek kаrdiа) — this is the heart.

Well-written and implemented plan of cardio is a great way of preventing many diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Additionally, fitness experts unanimously came to the conclusion that cardio efficiently promotes the burning of fat in the body and can be used as a means for weight loss. This article describes the features of the cardio exercises and their positive influence on human health.

Cardio, as a variant of aerobic exercise

A distinctive feature of the cardio is their oxygen demand. As a result, the body accelerates metabolism, and tissues and organs receive more oxygen, thereby improving their activities.

A balanced cardio training not only strengthens the heart but also promotes the loss of body fat and the speedy recovery after strenuous exercise.

For beginners cardio is the best option for training. This type of organization allows physical activity in the short term to improve the physical qualities of the athlete, harmoniously developing the whole body. The cardio will carry such sports:

  • run;
  • skiing;
  • swimming;
  • bike;
  • aerobics etc.

Any follower of a healthy lifestyle can choose for themselves the most appropriate kind of fitness and a complex of effective exercises depending on his goal. If the goal is to lose weight, you need to combine cardio with proper nutrition. This ensures a trim and slender figure.

Exercise for weight loss type of cardio can be divided into three groups, depending on the load. Each of these groups allows to solve certain problems of weight loss at a particular stage of training.

Group exercises for weight loss

As the level of initial physical training all people are different, setting a goal to lose weight, you need to decide where to start. Modern fitness programs are designed for three groups of cardio:

  • Initial.

It is recommended for those who do not have basic physical training or people with certain disabilities. In this case, the frequency of the pulse during the classes should not exceed 65% of the maximum value, which is determined by the formula: 220 — age. For example, if the athlete is 40 years, then the maximum value of the heart rate (heart rate) will be 220 — 40 = 180. Computing 65% of 180 beats/min. obtained 117 beats/min.

  • Average.

Fit athletes, able to easily perform cardio exercises of medium intensity. Heart rate in this case should be 70% of the maximum value. To determine their belonging to this group is simple. If an athlete during a workout is able to simultaneously maintain a conversation without panting, he can relate himself to the middle group.

  • Older.

Suitable for experienced athletes. Pulse rate under load may reach 80-85% of maximum.

Important! Exercise for weight loss you must perform for 30-40 minutes or more, as the fat begins to be broken down just after 20-30 minutes of intensive exercise.

The rules for constructing effective exercises for weight loss

The active movements during exercise cause the heart to work with increased intensity. In the result, the heart muscle is delivered to the organs and tissues more oxygen and nutrients, accelerating the metabolism.

After 20-30 minutes of training mode cardio significantly increases the consumption of energy and the body begins to metabolize fatty tissue. Therefore, for the purposes of weight loss, you need to perform effective exercises with an aerobic type within 30-45 minutes. A combine cardio with power training, which only accelerates the process of digestion of lipids in the body.

You should know that the success of weight loss depends on the degree of load, heart rate and duration of employment, and not from sport. It is important not to move your acceptable level of endurance in order not to overtrain. To increase the load gradually.

A particularly effective exercise that combines elements of cardio with strength training. For example, to build your workout this way:

  • 30-60 minutes of training in the gym;
  • 20-30 minutes of running or swimming.

In this case, you will burn fat and increase muscle mass. But you should know that exercise for weight loss will be effective only if the amount of consumed food calories will be less spent on training. So always follow the calorie content of their diet.

Planning cardio in various ways. The duration of employment with an average load should not exceed 60 minutes. Combine strength exercises with cardio, you need to understand that running is not conducive to building muscle, and classes at the gym will reduce your stamina. So to start, clearly set goals you plan to achieve, and only then get down to the organization of their classes.

Steps to success

Cardio is a complete training of the heart. So treat the training with caution and without fanaticism. Before you begin classes, you should visit your doctor who will determine your level of physical ability and give professional advice on the organization of the training process.

A novice athlete can find a experienced trainer or qualified instructor. Because regardless of whether you use cardio as exercise for weight loss or other goals, you need to know how to plan your training so that it gave the best results.

Beginners are recommended to do 3 times a week for 40-60 minutes. It is important to have time to recover between workouts, otherwise you just overload the heart. Even the most effective exercise for weight loss need to perform at a high pulse. The average intensity and heart rate recommended are the key ingredients to success.

Remember that cardio is a great tool for weight loss in capable hands. Carefully plan each session and set realistic goals.

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