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Cardio training at home: use and features exercise

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Cardio training at home: use and features exercise

The contents

  • General information
  • Features aerobic fitness exercise
  • The complex of exercises for beginners
  • Home exercises for mid-level athletes

Cardio exercise — an effective way to get to work most muscle groups of the body, improve his speed and endurance, strengthen metabolic processes, and the processes of fat burning. Perform cardiovascular exercises can be done anywhere: outside, in the gym and even at home. This article describes about what is the training style cardio as it correctly to carry out and which exercises are best suited for those who decided to organize a gym at home.

General information

Cardio workout is a customary component of almost all types of fitness. Can you not love them or Vice versa — to do with pleasure. But, clearly, to include a set of exercises to increase heart rate and accelerating blood circulation to your plan of physical education and sports must.

What is the benefit of cardio workout?

  • Trains the heart muscle, improves the function of blood vessels.
  • Increases muscle tone.
  • Develops endurance.
  • Accelerated metabolic processes.
  • Burned extra calories.
  • Improves emotional state.
  • Increases the body’s resistance to stress, and depression.
  • Lungs are developing.
  • Stronger bones and joints.
  • Reduces the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Just a few home exercises, performed in a cardio mode for morning exercises charged with energy and vivacity for the whole day. Therefore it is necessary to look closely at aerobic classes and choose for themselves the most interesting and accessible exercises.

    Features aerobic fitness exercise

    Novice athletes who decided to start to study independently and to include an individual fitness program exercises to lose weight, develop endurance and increase muscle tone can make such recommendations:

    • even at home the training you need to always get in athletic shoes to mitigate shock to the joints of the lower extremities;
    • during classes, monitor your pulse. It needs to be in the range of 120-150 beats/min. This load is safe for the body and efficient enough to solve all the main sporting objectives;
    • one half-hour cardio workout high intensity allows you to burn about 400 calories. Exercises performed in a low temp burn 200 kcal.;
    • beginners the easiest way to practice sessions cardiovascular exercises in the regime of interval training. For example, alternate half-minute intense exercise and 15 seconds recovery exercises. This system is good because it gives you the opportunity to get a result in a short time without stress or strain and muscle loss;
    • start cardio workout with a warm up block and end aminacrine exercises;
    • if you have problems venous character, during the training, it is better to use special compression stockings. They will protect the feet from overloading.

    Duration of cardio sessions should not be less than 30 minutes. Otherwise the effect from it will not. To train is at least three times a week. You can include aerobic exercises in any fitness program, alternating with other types of exercise.

    The complex of exercises for beginners

    In this complex include those exercises that can use freshmen in their cardio workouts. With their help it is possible to effectively disperse the pulse, to start the process of weight loss, strengthen muscles.

    • Side steps with breeding hands.

    Stand up straight. Take a step to the right. At the same time arms out to sides and lower them down. Immediately perform the exercise to the left.

    • Running or walking with zahlest Shin.

    Walk around the room, trying to get the heel of the buttocks.

    • Walking with raised knees.

    In this case, at each step, knee up to my chest as high as possible.

    • Lift the knee with lunge back.

    Stand up straight, lift the knee high right foot and do a left leg lunge back. Repeat the exercise with change of foot.

    • “Sprinter”.

    Stand in a position of low start, like a Sprinter, relying on the right foot. Run push the left foot and pull your knee toward your chest. Return to starting position. Having done the exercise several times, change legs.

    • “Boxing”.

    It is an imitation of the blows of the boxer in combination with movements of the legs. The technique in this case is not important. The main thing is to feel the tension in the muscles and active movements.

    • Leg swings.

    From a standing position, kick the right leg as high as possible. Repeat movement with the left leg. To do this exercise while standing or moving around the room.

    • Raising the legs in the strap.

    Stand in the position of “plank” on straight arms. Move your right leg out to the side. Return to starting position. Repeat the same movement with the left leg.

    • Burpee.

    From the classic version of this exercise, our method differs in the absence of a jump up. Instead, you just need to stand in a vertical position.

    • Kick.

    Stand up straight. Run the right leg to the side. Lean forward and pull with palms facing the floor. Repeat the exercise with the left foot.

    Home exercises for mid-level athletes

    For those who regularly engaged in fitness for more than 3-4 months, you can try to train on an advanced level:

  • Running with Shin zahlest alternating with Jogging with high knee.
  • Jumps with simultaneous dilution of the hands and feet to the sides.
  • “Scissors” — jumps in place with right foot to left and back stroke with straight arms.
  • Jumping to the side. In this case, you jump to the side, then do the squat on one leg, like a lunge. Then the exercise is repeated in the other direction.
  • Jump squat. After jumping from two feet to land on wide-set feet with a deep squat. Push back to starting position.
  • Jumping in the strap. Take a stand as a bar to straight arms and pushing with feet, vigorously diluted and reduce legs.
  • Running to the side. Do some Jogging movements to the right and left in an intense pace.
  • Jumping rope is a classic.
  • Running on the spot, focusing his hands on the wall.
  • In this set of exercises collected only the basic elements of a cardio workout for weight loss and overall development of physical qualities. They can and should be combined with other types of exercise that will help in the fight against excess weight and be healthy.

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