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Cardio help in losing weight

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During the right diet you will lose weight quickly, but only with exercises, you can lose weight beautifully. Aerobic exercise will contribute to the promotion of health. How useful cardio training, and how to make them right, find out in the article.

What is cardio

Load uvelichivaya endurance as a result of the strengthening of the cardiovascular system and improve blood circulation — this is cardio (eng. cardio). This type of physical activity is deservedly considered the best prophylaxis of dystonia and disorders of respiratory function, but that’s not all.

The pros and cons

And although aerobic exercises in General help to normalize blood pressure, for an untrained person they are harmful – in the case that brought his pulse to a critical state.

In addition to hypertension, contraindications for this type of exercise can be:

  • gastrointestinal disease (ulcer, gastritis);
  • injuries of muscles, bones, hernia;
  • infections, colds;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • an arrhythmia.

But for the rest of the cardio is a great contribution to your health. Note the following advantages:

  • accelerated weight loss through improved metabolism and metabolic processes;
  • lungs increase in volume, their power is growing;
  • to withstand heavy loads;
  • the increased endurance. (even in routine life you will feel that it has become easier)
  • a strong immune system;
  • a trained heart is (after all is also a muscle!);
  • great opportunity to relieve tension and stress;
  • energy and vitality after a workout.

How and where to engage

It is important to observe continuity in the classroom, and to find motivation in everything, laziness is ready to capture even the most desperate enthusiasts at any time.

The first step is to decide on three paragraphs:

  • The place of training.
  • Natural activity. A great option to run in the morning or in the evening, Biking or just walking. Fresh air to aide in promoting health: the muscles and tissues of the body are supplied with oxygen. Stress after a busy day at work as usual!
  • Gym. If outdoor air is not suitable, join a gym and pay a ticket once for months or a year, to not be tempted to skip it. Treadmills, shaping, elliptical machines – all yours!
  • Classes at home. The Internet is full of sites offering a variety of cardio exercises. Make a schedule and do a video with a virtual coach. It would be better to find like-minded people: it motivates not to give up.
  • Duration. Important work here for the duration. For the unprepared person – 10-15 minutes will be enough, you can then increase the load. Advanced 30 minutes continuous motion – optimal intensity.

    Overtraining will not lead to anything good, you will soon start to get tired mentally and to miss classes. It is reasonable to assess their possible: sometimes for a beginner it is better to do for 7-12 minutes, but every day, then the forthcoming exercise will not be perceived negatively.

    Frequency. It all depends on your physical shape: if you want to keep your muscles in shape – 2-4 days a week is enough, if you want to lose weight – 4-6 or more. But don’t forget about the weekend, at least 1 day a week the body needs to spend to restore.

    A definite plus for such a load in its simplicity and accessibility to everyone. Walk more walk, walk in the company of friends, colleagues and relatives. Remember: movement is life!

    How to exercise to lose weight

    To achieve harmony it is better to choose interval training: an example from the treadmill consider what is fat burning cardio.

  • Take the bracelet (heart rate monitor). Sometimes on the simulator, you can find a similar function. Measure your heart rate for 10 seconds, then multiply that it by six and get the number of beats/min.
  • The right start — warm-up lasting 7-10 minutes. Warm up the muscles slow walking or light Jogging, this will help prevent injuries.
  • After warming up, start to accelerate – choose a comfortable speed and the correct heart rate zone. Running as 500 meters, reduce the rate of active walking for recovery. After it again runs 500 metres. And so the 4 laps. After the last first restore the heartbeat, walk 5-10 min. and do stretching.
  • Remember: the higher the heart rate, the more calories will be burned.

    The edge of the pulse at which it is possible to effectively lose fat, is calculated according to the formula:

    The value of the maximum allowable heart rate or heart rate max is calculated from the difference in the number of 220 and the person’s age.

    Upper limit = heart rate max * of 0.85.

    Lower bound = max heart rate * of 0.65.

    For example, when at the age of 27 will be equal to 193 heart rate: 220 – 27 = 193.

    The upper boundary of zone weight loss = 193*0,85 = 164.

    The lower boundary of the zone weight loss = 193*0,65 = 125.

    If the heart rate during the training will differ from those calculated in the smaller side, effect weight loss you can not achieve. And when exceeding the upper boundary, cardio will train only endurance. Based on the example above, the corridor heart rate for fat loss a person’s 27 years equal to 125 -164.

    How to improve cardio

    Despite the fact that such training on its own is a significant advantage and help the body in dropping weight, there are additional life hacks.

    • Do on an empty stomach. This does not mean you have to “fall” from hunger – eat 3-4 hours before exercise classes.
    • Take your vitamins – group B (Milgamma, very afraid), vitamin C.
    • Do stretching before and after the main set of exercises.
    • Start with weight training, finish cardio or after an intense run or a bike you will not be able to effectively carry out power work with the muscles.
    • Cardio should Supplement strength training, without them, the muscle tissue will decrease, this will degrade the quality of the body and zamedlitelem. Series two loads.
    • Without a deficit of calories to lose weight will fail, even with cardio.

    Such activity is good not only for weight loss but for comprehensive health promotion, so always take some time for aerobic exercise.

    Many refuse training due to the fact that this is an intensive type of load. If the beginner starts punctually and enthusiasm to run every day, it does not mean that useful tradition will last long. To avoid temptation, pick a aerobic program for yourself. Now there’s a big choice: running, crossfit, kickboxing, dancing, aerobics, skiing, videos. Classes must not only benefit health, but also good!

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