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Cardio for weight loss: types of anaerobic exercises and useful tips

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Cardio workout for burning fat is one of the best and proven ways to lose weight! No wonder those who want to lose weight, gym sessions begin with intense cardio and they’re done.

What is cardio training?

Cardio training involves aerobic exercises that are performed at home, gym, outdoors or anywhere. Swimming without retention of breath is also considered a aerobic exercise.

Cardio helps burn much fat without fitness equipment.

This type of loading consists of dynamic exercises, in which the reduced muscles of legs, hands and body.

The task of training for the heart include natural dispersal of our “engine” up to a frequency of 120-140 beats per minute, saturation of oxygen, delivery of all necessary nutrients to the cells. At this rate, fat is broken down most effectively.

So, cardio exercises are a workout aimed at improving heart rhythm to certain limits.

Beneficial effects from such studies is obvious:

  • ●Improved mood.
  • ●Enhance brain activity, getting rid of headaches.
  • ●Training of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • ●Normalizing blood pressure.
  • ●The burning of fat due to consumption of large amounts of energy.
  • ●Normalization of sleep, providing a sedative effect on the nervous system.

That’s how good aerobic exercise brings the human body! It is recommended to do them several times a week not only for losing weight but also to achieve overall muscle tone of the body, the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. It is a great prevention of stroke, heart attack, colds, pneumonia and other ailments.

Cardio exercises for weight loss

Since the heartbeat is 120-140 beats per minute begins the process of catabolism, in this case for the breakdown of fat at home or in the gym, any cardio. The longer classes (no less than 20 minutes), the more calories expended are burned faster and excess fat.

In this case 140 beats per minute no need to maintain during the entire workout. Cardio for fat burning can last 30, 40 or more minutes. From this time 5-7 minute drive to the heart muscle to 140. The cruising speed of the heartbeat is 120 to 125 beats per minute.

Aerobic exercise to burn fat at home are so named due to the fact that they do not create cells in anaerobic conditions. Processing energy from glucose is carried out in the presence of oxygen reaching the anaerobic threshold.

If you pick up speed and use the interval cardio, then this threshold is reached. Such training is more effective, but have some nuances. Interval training is allowed only healthy people. If you have hypertension or different degrees of cardiac or pulmonary insufficiency, and other pathologies, you risk even more harm to the body. Safe is a classic workout with a heart rate 120-140 beats per minute.

A variety of cardio workouts to burn fat at home

Running is effective for weight loss cardio at home and total Wellness event. At home, you can practice running on the spot, but it’s boring, so it’s best to get out on the street Jogging. Or use a treadmill. Aerobic exercise is usually carried out 3-5 times a week for 40-50 minutes. Jogging is recognized as the best and the safest.


If you find it hard to run (for example, due to flat feet) can practice fast walking on the street, in a Park, the woods or on a treadmill. Of course, running compared to walking more efficient. But when you can not run, it is better to walk than to sit at home and do nothing at all. Most walk briskly in the air, not the polluted exhaust gases.

For people in old age even accelerated steps are considered a heavy load. Because for them walking is the best cardio workout to burn fat. If you want you can pick up sticks and carry Nordic walking.


Dynamic cardio at home without equipment can be done on the bike. When you pedal, cyclic load on the legs forces the heart to work at a frequency of 120-140 beats per minute.

Cardio at home practice is also on the bike. So even more convenient. If every day to pedal for 1 hour, the weight will start to disappear before our eyes. It is important not to overeat. Otherwise the result will have long to wait.

Cardio exercises at home good on the bike. Although Cycling outdoors much more useful and more enjoyable.


When snow on the street, it does not run. But there is another option – the trails. It’s simple: put on your skis and ride! Can practice the cardio 1 time a week, e.g. on Sundays. And when you confidently stand on skis, you can run for 1 workout 10 km.

How and how much to do?

Program cardio workout at home is simple: perform a few times a week (3 to 5) up to 60 minutes. If the court of winter, then add 1 times a week of skiing. In the absence of snow constantly run or ride a bike. Cycling is interesting because it can be long ride. As a rule, Cycling is not limited to 1 hour. You can easily ride through the scenic 3-4 hours.

Features power

One cardio at home is not enough, we must also watch your diet. You know that the main principle of weight loss is restriction of calories consumed. It’s simple: if you eat more than the body needs, you get fat. If you eat in such quantity, how much, weight does not change. And only in case of lack of calories fat reserves begin to dwindle.

Limit in the diet carbohydrates and drink mainly in the morning, add in more menu protein foods. About fat opinions are divided, but definitely not eat food fried in sunflower oil, fatty meat, cream and butter. But the fish needs at least 1 time per week to compensate for the body’s need for certain fatty acids.

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