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Cardio fitness in the fight against obesity best

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Cardio fitness in the fight against obesity best
The contents

  • Running for weight loss
  • Walking
  • Nordic walking
  • From problems with excess weight go on the bike
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Aerobics exercises for people with excess weight
  • Kickboxing
  • Elliptical trainer for excess weight

Cardio is the best way to strengthen your cardiovascular system and at the same time to reset the available weight. Doctors recommend this type of physical activity as prevention of strokes, heart attacks and obesity.

Systematic cardio rid of chronic fatigue syndrome, strengthen the immune system, prolong life. Give cardio exercises at least 30 minutes of training time, and you will feel how easy it would be to run the main program, even if you have the problem of excess weight.

Running for weight loss

This is the most popular form of cardio. Running does not require any special physical preparation and sports equipment. The only thing you should pay attention good pair of running shoes. You can run almost everywhere: in parks, woods, the rolling hills, in quiet residential areas. Not only running, but any kind of sports activity outdoors saturates the body with oxygen, which enhances immunity and weight loss. Therefore, the running in the first place is recommended to people with overweight.


Walking — the least effective sport can improve health, lift mood and give strength. In this exercise involves almost all muscles of the body that helps to get rid of excess weight in a shorter period of time.

Recommended speed of walking — 10 km/h. Guided by this indicator, but listen to their feelings too. Exercise should not be exhausting, otherwise they will only harm, not bringing expected benefits.

Nordic walking

This is a very popular sport in Europe, where they deal with people of all ages. Nordic walking evolved from ski walk. Probably, therefore its characteristic feature is the use of support sticks. This is a big plus for the elderly, as well as leading the fight against obesity people who want to play sports, but have weak physical training.

Nordic walking helps maintain muscle tone, burns almost 1.5 times more calories than walking, improves posture, trains the sense of balance, helps to reduce the pressure.

From problems with excess weight go on the bike

Modern sports bikes are equipped with rear and front shifters, which makes the trip as comfortable as possible and allows you to easily adjust the load. All you have to do is to choose a vehicle suitable for your area, and to enjoy and benefit from sports.

Cycling strengthens the heart, strengthens the muscles of the legs and lower part of the body, burns the accumulated fat. Excess weight will go away quickly enough if at least 3 times a week to give this sport for 30-60 minutes a day.


Choose the sports club where there is a swimming pool and a sauna. Swimming before the main exercise will prepare the muscles to intense stress, will set up the cardiovascular and respiratory system to work hard.

If you want to get from the swim maximum impact, use the technique of brass. This kind of swimming will involve both hands and feet, which will make us effective in any type of major compound exercises.

After training long can relax in the sauna to warm up and relax tired muscles, and also to remove from the body excess liquid.


In this sport the main load goes to the muscles of the arms, the back and press — there are only a few exercises when I work legs. Rowing refers to high-intensity types of workouts and has a competitive nature. During class produced a large amount of adrenaline, so people with excess weight have all chances to quickly come into shape.

If you are not able to enroll in a club specialized in this sport and to do outdoors, use a rowing machine. Its advantage is that it simulates all the movements of the body, characteristic for boating, and at the same time allows you to control the level of the load. Such a simulator is almost every modern sports hall.

Ashtanga yoga

This kind of yoga practicing movement for transitions from one pose to another. If the usual yoga focuses on proper breathing, development of flexibility and ability to relax in Ashtanga yoga there are exercises to increase strength and endurance.

Some people with excess weight will experience difficulties during class, as this sport requires maximum concentration of force and balance. For those who have long been interested in a cardio workout, Ashtanga yoga is an excellent replacement for regular exercise.

Aerobics exercises for people with excess weight

Of course, aerobics is not only useful to people with extra pounds. It also includes in its complexes walking, running, jumping, exercises on flexibility and stretching. Training usually takes rhythmic music that helps to find your pace and easier to handle with heavy loads.

Aerobics is not accidentally recommended for those, who struggle with excess weight: it has no restrictions on the level of physical fitness. Aerobics can be practiced not only in the gym, but at home, as there are many records of different workouts. Enough to watch the broadcast in the record and just repeat the movement. It is very convenient for those who are shy of their body, but want to bring it in shape.


Unlike conventional Boxing, this sport is perfect for both men and women. A literal translation sounds like “fight with hands and feet”. It follows from this that kickboxing trains all muscle groups.

It is useful not only because it improves the shape, eliminates the problem of excess weight, increases stamina, helps to control the body, but also because it teaches self-defence. Kickboxing also builds character, cultivates discipline, perseverance and dedication.

Elliptical trainer for excess weight

Training on the elliptical trainer can replace several types of cardio: running, walking, skiing, bike riding. That he should give preference, if you have the problem of excess weight and limited free time: the 20-minute session on the elliptical trainer, before the main exercise program, make training more efficient 2.5 times.

Change the kind of cardio training every 4-6 months. It will not allow the body to get used to the monotonous exercises and prevent the reduction of their effectiveness.

You can choose the way of cardio that best fits your goals, be it weight loss, muscle gain or increasing the power capacity of the organism.

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