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Cardio exercises on an empty stomach: good or harm?

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Cardio exercises on an empty stomach: good or harm?
The contents

  • “Hungry” cardio-exercise — is it worth fitnesom in this mode
  • How to do cardio on an empty stomach effective exercises
  • Breakfast after aerobic exercise

Cardio training represent exercise, during which aktiviziruyutsya the cardiovascular system, which leads to increased heart rate and increased energy expenditure. That is why aerobic exercises is an obligatory element of almost all weight loss programs. Recently active consideration conduct similar studies on an empty stomach, because it will accelerate the loss of excess fat. However, without the necessary power is lost and some muscle. Therefore, you should carefully weigh the “pros” and “cons” of this approach.

The effectiveness of cardio for burning fat based on glycogen depletion during prolonged exercise, when heart rate is in the range 60-70% of maximum. Thus, it seems quite logical that a version of that exercise on an empty stomach, ie without the replenishment of glycogen lead to faster burning fat.

It is worth mentioning that the maximum pulse (heart rate) is calculated according to the following formula: heart rate = 220 — age. Then the limiting pulse, for example, a 40-year-old person is 180 beats per minute. And effective exercises in the cardio mode should be used when the pulse 108-126 beats per minute.

“Hungry” cardio-exercise — is it worth fitnesom in this mode

Unfortunately, this question definitive answer doesn’t exist. Or rather, this version of the training there are a number of both advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, the divergence of opinions demonstrated by athletes and scientists. As evidence of the results of different studies, whose conclusions are ambiguous. In any case, in order to answer the question about the effectiveness of cardio workouts on an empty stomach, is to understand the biochemical processes of the human body, as well as the features of energy expenditure during exercise.

Under all load conditions — aerobic and anaerobic — the main source of energy, which expends the body is glycogen. It represents the accumulated reserves of carbohydrates, most of which is stored in the liver. In the morning, when the man woke up after a long lean period, the level of glycogen in the body is at a minimal level. And if that’s the time to start active exercise, the minimum level of glycogen will be depleted quickly and will start catabolism of protein, i.e. its destruction or disintegration. Supporters of the “hungry” fitness workout think that instead of carbohydrates the body will immediately begin to use fat reserves.

However, be aware that your backup supply of energy the body uses in the last turn. So after spending the existing quantity of glycogen, a period during exercise as an energy source will be used protein, namely tissue muscles. Thus, cardio training on an empty stomach will lose not only fat, but and partly of muscle. Therefore, those who seek not only to lose weight, and acquire strong muscular body with the volume of relief, it is better to not train on an empty stomach.

Many professional athletes before participation in major competitions use a “hungry” cardio exercise to accelerate the burning of excess fat. However, even they have been used a special diet for muscle — amino acids, which allows to avoid the loss of muscle fibers as an alternative energy source.

How to do cardio on an empty stomach effective exercises

There are situations when it is recommended to carry out cardio on an empty stomach it. Examples of such circumstances:

  • Reaching a “plateau”, ie a complete lack of progress in reducing excess weight.

When the body has adapted to diet and physical activity, cardio on an empty stomach can be effective exercises to return the desired rate of weight loss.

  • Getting used to the program.

The situation is similar to the previous one, but it occurs after a long period spent in one training program. In this case, “starvation” cardio is able to shake up the body and raise the efficiency of training. Simultaneously it is necessary to make small changes in your workout.

One of the conditions of “hungry” cardio is holding classes on a temporary basis with some interruptions. With regular exercise the body adapts to constant mode, resulting in reduced efficiency. Also pay attention to the fact that due to some muscle loss after a workout, you may experience feeling very tired. But this is very individual and depends on many factors, including age and initial physical preparation.

Breakfast after aerobic exercise

There is a fairly common mistake among practicing such exercises is a complete rejection of Breakfast. They believe that the hungry period until dinner will enhance the effect from the cardio. However, it does not.

The human body is designed so that prolonged absence of food in the period of wakefulness is perceived as the beginning of the hunger strike. Then the body sends a signal that you should run the mode of economical expenditure and accumulation of body fat. Thus, as energy for exercise began performing muscle mass, the metabolism slows down, and the extra energy from meals immediately replenish fat reserves.

To avoid such negative developments, after the morning cardio, you should plan carbohydrate Breakfast. Consumption of rich meals give the body the signal that food is available to accumulate reserve stocks do not need it will greatly reduce the loss of muscle mass and will allow to continue the process of fat splitting.

Note that this type of exercise is not enough load to burn off the extra fat. To start the process of weight reduction, it is necessary not only to do aerobic exercises but also to review your diet, reducing its total calorie content. After all, with a large intake of calories, even the most intense and effective exercises don’t use up their surplus, and exercise classes are can not give the desired result.

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