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Cardio exercises: example of exercises and useful tips

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The theme of getting rid of bulging tummy never loses its relevance. What to do cardio exercises for abs is to remove belly fat? At the same time as not to harm health. This you will find out right now.

Don’t like the look of, and you want to quickly prepare for swimsuit season? It is not necessary to greedy to do all kinds of twisting and bending. Nothing useful from this will not be possible, they can only worsen your situation. Before you start training, figure out how your body works, and how split of subcutaneous fat (the process consists of 3 stages). 1st phase includes the release of fat from adipose tissue. The second phase, the lipids in the bloodstream are transported to the place of burning. Third – the immediate fat loss. The splitting occurs in the liver, heart, or muscles. Your goal is to lose the extra inches and sagging skin? Then focus on cardio training for belly – your choice.

How to run at home to lose belly fat?
Performing cardio exercises at home helps to get rid of excess body mass and increases endurance and also fitness heart.

Before the training mandatory calculate your heart rate: the upper and lower bounds. The most reliable method for this purpose is a computer study, which shows the condition of the cardiovascular system and provides guidance on permissible AD in the process of training. There is another method of computing the lower (NG) and upper (VG) heart rate limits: NG=(220-AGE)*0,65; VG= (220-AGE)*0.85 in.

Almost all latest devices have sensors heart rate. Despite this, experts recommend the use of auxiliary equipment. To doing the treadmill, the exerciser accurately determine your heart rate, hold the palm of your hand on the handles (to make it not so easy!).

If you have periodically increased blood pressure or had had cardiovascular disease, then it is better to buy a heart rate monitor. In this case accuracy is important: if the frequency of heart beats will be below the permissible limits, then the classes in this situation are meaningless, if higher – the body is overloaded.

Abs and cardio: an example of building workout

The most productive cardio for getting rid of fat is interval training. If you are a beginner, then you the maximum result with the classroom for 40-50 min. But first you need 5 minutes to give the warm-up. Next comes the stage of medium intensive duration approx 4 mins and 1 min of high-intensity training. In this mode train 30 min., then necessarily do stretching (10 min.).

If you train occasionally, then your morning cardio for weight loss is a more enhanced version. Time medium to high intensity exercise to decrease by half. The total duration of training should not exceed 30 minutes. This rhythmic exercise has a positive effect on metabolism compared to continuous training.

Allocate various kinds of cardio, from which choose the most attractive.

Active walking also helps burn calories. Intensely move your arms, walk about 1 hour a day and within a month you will celebrate the smartness of the body.

One of the most remarkable variants is a cardio workout in the pool. Practicing in the pool, you strengthen the muscles of the legs, and the stomach will be noticeably fit.

Running is the most accessible and one of the most effective types of exercise. It’s good for outdoors, and you can do it on a treadmill the treadmill for 30-60 minutes. But in order to get the desired effect, train better on an empty stomach.

Cycling also helps to burn calories. If you have no problems with his knees, it is a good kind of load.

To try cost and step-aerobics. During intense exercise you will get rid of many calories that when the time running.

Another popular form of cardio – Boxing. In the classroom involved the muscles of the legs, the load on the heart muscle and significantly improves coordination.

Cardio classes available at home. What would you need? Only a jump rope, comfortable sneakers and clothing. The first training should not wear down with heavy exercise. Start with 10-15 mins a day and then gradually increasing the load.


Before you can begin to do right to set a goal. If your goal is to lose weight, then train for 40-60 minutes, don’t overdo it (in this case, pulse is sixty percent mark from the top border). But if your goal is to strengthen the heart, the training must be increased (pulse eighty-five percent of the maximum upper boundary), but shorter in time (about 20-25 minutes).

Monitor heart rhythm. The benefits of cardio training will only if you do everything right. To monitor heart rate use additional, auxiliary gadgets. It is very important for people who are prone to hypertension.

The safety and effectiveness of the training is provided by a gradual increase, not only the intensity of loads, and volume.

The duration of the exercise increases progressively, but first, practice low-intensity exercise session lasting 10-15 minutes.

Bear in mind that choosing the time for a cardio level workout in the morning and evening should be different. In the morning the intensity of the exercises should correspond to the level of about 110 beats per minute for beginners, and for experienced about 125 beats/min. Evening trainings are held at a more enhanced rate (130 beats/min for beginners and 140 beats/min – advanced).

We offer you a list of exercises, doing that you will notice a good result:

  • Start warm-up: running in place with knee. With exercise, remember to stretch your abs and keep your back flat.
  • Use a small stand, for example, a stool (not more than 20 cm in height).
  • Musical accompaniment to take steps like climb the stairs (about 3 min).
  • Then switch to leg swings (30 p. 30 p. the right and the left).
  • Raising the legs above the knees (30 p. 30 p. the right and the left). When performing each of the lifting step over the stand.
  • Jumping on the technology Jack: jumping, feet placed wider than shoulder, lift up the hands above the head. Do 60p.: 30 – feet and 30 – feet apart.
  • Exercise “The Iceman”. First, put your hands on the floor as in push-UPS. Then bend under his feet, as if running in place. Most importantly, keep press tense. Helps quickly burn fat in the abdominal area.
  • Climbs on the chair with alternating legs. In this exercise involved the gluteal muscle fibers, knees do not move forward (do 30 p. on one leg and 30R on the other).
  • Given the training should be interval: 50 seconds on the approach to each. Be sure to run from 3-4 repetitions. You find it difficult to give lessons on such a scheme? Then divide your workout into 2 stages, in between which you do the exercises, in particular the “Bar”.

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