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Cardio Barre: the benefits and basic exercises

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Cardio Barre: the benefits and basic exercises

The contents

  • Features body ballet as an alternative fitness directions
  • Advantages of the technique
  • Readings for classes
  • Exercise body ballet and the technique of their execution
  • The effectiveness of body ballet for weight loss
  • Home occupation

Body ballet is one of the latest trends in fitness, which was formed at the intersection of choreography, Pilates, callanetics and yoga. Exercise body ballet adapted for a wide range of group workouts, but to do this system at home. Physical exercise such direction is gentle, but despite this, body ballet can help to strengthen lose weight, develop grace, correct posture and gain flexibility.

Features body ballet as an alternative fitness directions

As its name suggests, body do ballet includes classical ballet movement. But each has a simple technique. Lightweight movement positively affect the spine, joints, blood circulation and lymph flow. The more often a person engaged in such fitness, the softer it becomes movement, and the more perfect becomes the figure.

Contrary to the name, body doing ballet not only women but also men who wish to develop flexibility and coordination.

Standard referral program presents a variety of exercises of classical ballet (pas de Deux arabesques, positions, plie, Batman, releve). They all run in a simplified version, so do not require special choreographic training.

In the basic training for body ballet includes the following steps:

  • warm-up complex of the muscles, joints and ligaments:
  • physical activity a gymnastic machine;
  • the exercises made without additional supports;
  • motion on the floor based Pilates;
  • follow-up activities to stretch muscles and tendons.

Each instructor organizes its program differently, but there are common elements that recur most frequently. Supplemented fitness can breathing techniques, stress for the development of mobility of joints, strengthening of abdominal muscles, correction of the gait. As a result, after 2-3 months of training can be achieved not only weight loss, but a flexible spine, high ductility and graceful posture.

Advantages of the technique

Body ballet as a separate area of fitness has many advantages, which enabled him to gain international recognition.

  • Physical activity actively engages the calves, thighs and buttocks, making them strong, smooth and slender. Especially effective part of exercises helps combat zone breeches and the rear surface of the thighs.
  • Body effective ballet strengthens the body trunk, upper body and arms, since they are also in a constant tone during the execution of movements. Loose skin is tightened, and the body has a nice sleek silhouette.
  • During the training, muscles pulled along, not across, so the body does not increase unnecessary weight.
  • Core exercises allow you to develop coordination, agility, sense of rhythm, mobility. The body becomes more obedient, and the level of ownership increases several times.
  • Program, body ballet, despite his relief, improve the General physical training. The body becomes more resilient and strong. This is due to the use of complex ballet elements (Batman, Arabesque).
  • During physical exertion thoroughly involved joints, ligaments, tendons, helping to prevent various diseases. Particularly useful such loads to study the hip joint, most often it is stationary, but in body-ballet is used more actively, stimulating blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  • Elements of classical ballet do not have a negative stress on the joints, therefore suitable for weight loss even people with a high degree of obesity.
  • Readings for classes

    Body ballet can engage people of any age and physique. This fitness areas there are serious limitations, so even older people can greatly strengthen your bones and relieve tension from the muscles. The technique is not a dance direction, so this exercise does not require high-precision performance and perfect sense of rhythm.

    Especially this area will suit those who:

    • wants to do a gentle load on the joints, spine and cardiovascular system;
    • has problems with respiratory system and musculoskeletal disorders;
    • want to develop flexibility, plasticity, mobility of the joints;
    • seeking long-term weight loss;
    • seeks to strengthen the spine, core muscles and legs;
    • avoids exhausting training regime and the impact load;
    • looking for ways to diversify their fiznagruzki.

    Exercise body ballet and the technique of their execution

    To get from ballet fitness more use, you should follow certain rules:

    • keep your body in good shape throughout the lesson: the shoulder joint, lower, neck straighten, align posture, abdominal muscles tighten, tighten the buttocks;
    • continually monitor the hand position and posture: not horbites and do not carry the body weight on the joints;
    • always pull on a sock, don’t place the legs in the free position;
    • try as often as possible to use additional inventory to most effectively work out different areas of the body and give them different power load (it is possible to use an elastic fitness band, exercise ball).

    Among the most productive exercise body ballet are:

    • demi-plie (polupricepy without lifting heels off floor surface);
    • Grand plie (deep squats to full flexion of the knee);
    • Batman (abduction feet to the side, relying on the toe, and then return to the starting position);
    • the slopes of the body;
    • upgrades to toes (releve);
    • Grand Batman (wide swings with your legs with an elongated toe).

    The effectiveness of body ballet for weight loss

    This fitness trend will not only enable you to tone muscles and get rid of sagging skin. Body ballet is effective for General weight reduction. However, we should not expect from the lessons too fast results. In General, the ballet classes focus on the study of already thinner body than fast and powerful getting rid of excess weight.

    To achieve weight loss through ballet, you will need to observe the following rules:

    • the inclusion in the training of a large number of cardio (jumping);
    • regular exercise 3-4 times a week for 45-60 minutes;
    • restriction in the diet (avoiding sugar, fast carbohydrates, foods with a high glycemic index, alcohol);
    • compliance with calorie deficit;
    • drink plenty of water — up to 2 litres of water a day.

    If you strictly adhere to the above recommendations, even with a body-ballet is possible to significantly lose weight in a short period of time.

    Home occupation

    Cardio Barre is a fitness system that you can do at home. Even in the absence of a home ballet bar under support can be adjusted to Cabinet, bench, wall bars or table. One of the most popular video programs, which you can practice self — training with Leah Disease. Its system is considered the base for beginners.

    No need to regret the lost youth ballet. To intensify weight loss and obtain the graceful development of the body at any age. It’s enough to turn to exercises body ballet is a unique training direction, combining the classical ballet choreography and gentle sports equipment.

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