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Cardio and strength training: rule combining fitness

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Cardio and strength training: rule combining fitness

The contents

  • Why you need cardio?
  • Power fitness workout and cardio
  • Cardio fitness before strength training
  • Cardio fitness classes after strength training
  • Rules of effective cardio for fans of a healthy lifestyle

To create a beautiful and strong body you need to regularly engage in power fitness. Greater effect can be achieved by combining anaerobic exercises with cardio, especially if your goal is weight loss. There are many opinions in the question of combining the power of fitness training with cardio. But which one is correct?

Why you need cardio?

Cardio strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems HLS fan, increase strength and endurance. For cardio include running, fast walking, fitness classes in the water and rowing machine, Cycling. The duration of training at the aerobic loadings should be at least 30 minutes. That is a 15-minute jog before or after strength training cannot be attributed to the cardio is the only workout/hitch.

The positive aspects of aerobic fitness:

  • The increase in the strength of the lungs and their volume.
  • The improvement in cardiac performance.
  • Accelerating the metabolism.
  • Burning calories and losing weight.
  • Stress.
  • Improving the quality of sleep.

To cardio you can at any time convenient for you — morning for a charge of vivacity for the whole day or evening. The main rule — do not overeat before class. Because gaining weight is much easier than to lose. Some prefer cardio on an empty stomach, but not much suitable for such a method. Especially if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Because a light Breakfast or snack before cardio would be superfluous.

Power fitness workout and cardio

There are several options of combining cardio and strength training fitness:

  • Before the cardio power fitness training.
  • The cardio after strength fitness training.
  • Cardio and strength training in one day, but with a minimum time interval of six hours.
  • Cardio a day of rest from power loads.
  • Interval the combination of loads.

Intelligently combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise, you can achieve any goal, whether weight loss or weight gain.

Interval training requires a specific physical training, because new to the fitness world it is difficult to do this method. People who have just started to exercise, consider alternating cardio and weight training (the best option — every other day) or the combination of loads in one day (morning cardio, evening — power fitness exercise).

Cardio fitness before strength training

Many athletes say a more effective cardio training before power. This opinion is based on the theory that during the aerobic training consumes glycogen, because on the subsequent power starts the process of depletion of adipose tissue.

Of course, to use as an energy source adipose tissue — great for people wanting to lose weight. But most athletes during cardio classes waste all the energy and strength for working with weights is not enough.

Conclusion: to do fitness on this method, you need to have sufficient physical training. Indeed, some even get tired within 10-15 minutes of warm-up. Because the work was productive and fitness training gave a visible result, cardio activity should be conducted with moderate intensity. For example, beginners will be enough 30-minute walk at a leisurely pace or a 20-minute Cycling. If you do fitness classes in the gym, you can use a treadmill with a slight incline, or elliptical.

Cardio fitness classes after strength training

A similar scheme of the fitness workouts is an excellent method of losing weight. Most athletes who want to get rid of excessive body fat, perform cardio activity after weight training.

But not every person will remain the energy for cardio after an intense work out with weights. In this case, aerobic fitness exercise will be ineffective and will not give the desired results. Besides likely to the muscle mass will decrease along with the fatty tissue.

Conclusion: this scheme of fitness is more suitable for experienced athletes, are able to control the intensity of your workouts. Because most beginners will subconsciously to save energy during execution of strength exercises.

Rules of effective cardio for fans of a healthy lifestyle

  • Mandatory cardio fitness training. Even if you don’t want to lose weight and the purpose of your training is weight, it is necessary to start with cardio exercises. Thanks to this 10-15-minute warm up you will significantly increase the effectiveness of the exercise and prepare the body for the upcoming exertion.
  • Type loads less important than pulse rate. Regardless of the kind of activity that you prefer (swimming, Jogging, etc.), the process of weight loss directly depends on the frequency of your heartbeat.
  • Cardio for weight loss should be carried out separately from the power. The ideal option would be the separation of different types of fitness load on different training days.
  • Running is not the most effective cardio. Many people think Jogging is most effective for weight reduction, but it is fundamentally wrong. Besides, some people running and is contraindicated (increased body weight, the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system, varicose veins, arthritis). Classes on a stationary bike or Cycling outdoors, swimming, rowing machine and elliptical safer and more efficient running.

To cardio before or after working with weights or a separate day is up to you. The selection circuit fitness workouts depends on your goals and your physical fitness. Newcomers better to consult a professional fitness instructor that will help in the preparation of training programs, as well as give useful advice on exercise technique and diet.

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