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Can I drink coffee before a workout?

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Coffee lovers would not mind to replace nutrition shake before workouts per serving of drink, but they don’t know whether it is possible to do so. Can I drink coffee before a workout?

Coffee is associated with sad in the morning when you need to filled with the energies and to go to work. If the portion of caffeine helps to energize in the morning, it can be used before workouts. On the question of whether to drink coffee before exercise, the answer is unequivocally Yes.

Professional athletes and their trainers do not drink coffee before a workout, they go the other way – used as a stimulant supplements with caffeine. The use of caffeine before exercise increases performance and gives us strength to do the exercise for 5-20 minutes longer. To ensure that the caffeine improved the results of training, it should be taken with nutrients. That’s why professional athletes take sports supplements balanced, and you, as a fan, you can Supplement your pre-workout snack with a Cup of coffee. Welcome Cup of coffee instead of a number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates will destroy your productivity.

Morning Cup of coffee can’t make you productive for the day and improve workout performance. Important not the fact of reception of caffeine with a meal, but the time when it happens. After the first SIP of coffee you may find that you are filled with energy, but it is not. Caffeine takes some time to be assimilated in the system of your body and to affect its behavior.

It is known that the half-life of caffeine is about five hours, that is five hours, the body will burn half of the caffeine. But for pre-workout is more important to know when the caffeine reaches the peak of its action.

At some point the body will receive maximum benefits from stimulation by caffeine, this is the time to train.

Studies have shown that the peak activity occurs 45 minutes after ingestion of caffeine. If you drink a Cup of coffee and start my workout in 45 minutes then you will receive a powerful impetus. Some that time you will be at the peak of vitality, then the energy will gradually subside.

The caffeine will be useful not only before workouts, but in everyday life when you need to perform a lot of physical or mental work. But the effect of caffeine should not be abused, this is a serious stimulant to severe restrictions. Make sure you don’t exceeded the norm of 400 milligrams of caffeine a day. This amount of caffeine present in four cups of natural coffee, the fifth Cup is definitely unnecessary.

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