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Calum Von Mogger will perform at NPC Jay Cutler Classic 2020

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As previously reported, Calum von Moger will soon return to competitive bodybuilding. In anticipation of this return, he shared an update of his back on the Instagram page. Von Mogger could very well be the most popular bodybuilder to never act as a professional. He began to attract attention after his role as the young Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie "Bigger" in 2018. As for his career in bodybuilding, Calum survived difficult times, because the endless battle with injuries left him on the side for almost five years. The last time he went on stage, he won the title of Mr. Universe of 2015 and he was then only 25 years old. He recently announced his intention to participate in the NPC Amateur Federation Tournament Jay Cutler Classic, which will be held from April 10 to 11. In an Instagram post, Calum gave subscribers a glimpse of his massive back, about ten weeks before the scene. Although, as he admits, he still has something to work on, but still it looks just super. Von Mogger seems to be proud of his triceps, as it should be, because they look extremely separated.
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