Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

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Calum Von Moger was back in the hospital

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The Aussie, which collects all health problems, Calum Von Moger (Moger Calum von) once again disappointed his followers and admirers. This time in your SnapChat Australian athlete posted a photo of the ambulance with the inscription:

Back in the ambulance (Back in hospital)

The only consolation is that now Calum don’t hurt your bone or muscle, and received severe food poisoning and was hospitalized due to abdominal pain. Some time later, he was released from the hospital and is expected to soon make a full recovery. This is not a victory, but it could be much worse. After last year the athlete had so many injuries, another health problem is still depressing. Now Von Moger is already at home, washing and medication brought Calum to the stable state. Left to hope that the same will happen with his career competing bodybuilder.


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