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Callanetics: what is fitness and what are its benefits

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A large number of areas of fitness makes people get lost in the choice. Someone needs a powerful load with heavy shells, and someone prefers light loads due to health or age. Among the latter category of sports activities in the modern world, callanetics has become very popular – a low-impact load for slow weight loss, strengthening muscles, obtaining high-quality stretching and general recovery.

Callanetics is a separate direction of fitness

Callanetics is a separate direction of fitness

Callanetics is usually understood to mean low intensity exercise, which is aimed at stretching the muscles and improving its tone. When performing physical activities in this area, it is not the superficial muscles that are involved, but the deep muscles, which are very difficult to work through with other workouts.

Callanetics is widely used to strengthen posture and improve spinal health. Regular classes bring the body significant benefits, so special fitness programs for callanetics are in demand even among modern sports stars who, outside their professional activities, need to maintain their form and well-being.

The story of callanetics

Callanetics originates in the America of the 60s. Nowadays, professional trainer Callan Pinkni and the creator of this fitness area for returning from a long journey faced a serious challenge. Callan showed extensive pains in the vertebral part; all joints were subjected to too much pressure.

It was possible to get rid of all these manifestations only with the help of surgical intervention. However, the girl refused to be hospitalized, having decided on her own, without an operation, to find a method for improving well-being.

The result of hard work was a unique fitness program – callanetics, which allowed Callan to get rid of discomfort and pain, and bring the body into a healthy tone.

The benefits of exercise callanetics

The demand for callanetics is explained by the great benefit of such low-impact exercises. Thanks to low-intensity, measured and regular fitness, you can:

correct posture;
improve metabolism and blood circulation;
to make muscles, ligaments and tendons elastic;
increase joint mobility;
get rid of pain and discomfort in the back;
burn extra calories;
bring the body to a tone;
normalize the state of the nervous system.

The main condition for success is 50-60 minutes of training performed every other day, which, for a visible effect, must be practiced for at least two months.

Exercise Limitations

Despite the fact that callanetics is considered to be a low-impact complex, which does not imply a strong destructive load on the body, some restrictions on implementation still exist. Contraindications mainly concern certain categories of people whose state of health excludes any physical activity at all.

It is forbidden to engage in such fitness when:

acute diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
recovery from surgery or serious injury;
high degree of varicose veins;
asthma in the acute stage;
diseases of the lungs and the respiratory system as a whole;
exacerbation of hemorrhoids and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
high myopia or astigmatism without a doctor’s permission.



Callanetics is a low-impact program, but the implementation of system elements, meanwhile, requires the observance of important rules. Otherwise, training will not benefit, because the deep muscles simply do not engage in active work.

How to deal with callanetics? Following the following principles:

If possible, exercise in front of a mirror. Thus, it will be possible to track the execution technique and immediately correct the errors;
When performing physical activities, callanetics must breathe rhythmically and evenly – through the nose. If this rule is not followed, the stress accents can shift significantly;
during the training it is impossible to make sharp movements: all elements should be performed as smoothly and carefully as possible to avoid injuries and sprains;
Increase the number of repetitions of elements to gradually. Beginners can begin classes with 20-30 repetitions, gradually adding the number of repetitions after the organism adapts to the current load;
Callanetics should be conducted about 3-4 times a week with mandatory breaks for recovery and rest;
The total duration of a fitness workout should not exceed 60 minutes to avoid overstressing the muscles. For beginners, 15-20 minutes of training will be enough.

Basic complex of physical exercises

In callanetics there are a lot of various physical exercises, among which everyone will find the most optimal options for physical activity, based on the current state of health. In the complex of exercises it is possible to distinguish basic loads that will suit absolutely everyone. With the help of standard elements, you can start the processes of weight loss, strengthen the muscles of the bark, back and neck and collar area.

From the squat position, bend forward, bend your legs slightly. In turn, straighten the limbs, holding hands in front of you, then repeat the exercise, spreading your hands in opposite directions.
Take a horizontal position, face up, bend your knees. Raise the hip joint, straining the abdominal muscles, to the limit point. Hold the tension, then return to the starting position.
Lie on your stomach, stretch your limbs in front of you. At the same time, pull off the body and one leg from the floor. Fix in statics for a couple of seconds, and then repeat the load with the other leg.
Sit on the floor, move your body weight on one hip. Stretch the lower limb forward, and the second bend slightly at the knee. Hold the supporting arm firmly in the floor surface. Keep a straightened leg for a reasonable amount of time, then change the reverse exercise.

Fitness program callanetics for the abdomen

Callanetics helps not only to slowly but surely burn body fat, but also to get a beautiful taut figure. For this, a fitness program is used to work out the abdominal zone, through which the oblique, straight and transverse muscles of the abdomen are affected.

It is possible to pump the abdominal muscles with the help of the following physical activities performed in any sequence:

slow twisting from a prone position;
buttock bridge;
the rise of straight legs, lying on his back;
the rise of the legs in turn, lying on his stomach;
static fixation in the “boat” position;
buckling of the loin on all fours with the tension of the press;
lateral twisting at a smooth pace, lying on his back;
raising the leg from the buttock bridge and fixing the posture in statics;
fixing the legs raised at a right angle.

When performing all physical exercises you need to keep your abdominal muscles tense. Thus, the focus of the load will shift to the target zone.

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