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Caffeine in bodybuilding

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What do Yerba mate, guarana, green tea, regular coffee and sports fat burner? They all contain caffeine. In bodybuilding it is used as a means of improving concentration and productivity. Stimulation of the Central nervous system allows the athlete to solve the coach problem, and to perform an exercise in full, despite the fatigue, the lack of calories on drying, and distractions. About 250 mg of caffeine times a day, according to research, raise the athlete’s performance and help less tired. In practice, the substance is applied in drying, to give the opportunity to train as usual without gaps, even if strict diet. There is evidence that caffeine speeds up fat burning, and metabolic processes. It can help to lose weight, especially given the well-matched training program and nutrition plan.

The contents

  • 1 the Effect of taking
  • 2 How to take caffeine in bodybuilding
  • 3 Side effects
  • 4 Reviews

The effect of taking

Caffeine expect:

  • The increase of the energy potential of the body;
  • Accelerate processes of protein synthesis and nervous system reactions;
  • The removal of fatigue and sleepiness;
  • Extend the permissible time under load;
  • Increase physical performance and endurance;
  • Improve adaptation to the training process

It is known that athletics is a intake of caffeine before the competition is prohibited. Substance refers to doping the group and can significantly stimulate the Central nervous system, to underpin its work, and help to achieve high results.

In bodybuilding caffeine helps adaptation and allows you to focus on your workout, even if the athlete is tired, overworked in normal operation, or barely sleep. The substance can be taken in excessive dose, and then it will be achieved exactly the opposite effect. In case of overdose, the athlete will feel drowsiness, fatigue, cardiac arrhythmias, and will not be able to effectively train.

For starters metabolism caffeine are advised to drink approximately 30 minutes before training. If practiced separate cardio that strictly up to him. To improve power performance take dosage of about 250 mg before penetration or competition. It was found experimentally that the athletes add about 1-2 kg in the bench press, if you use this simple trick.

How to take caffeine in bodybuilding

In bodybuilding are used a high dose, for example 200-400 mg once. You can find recommendations that athletes up to 75 kg can be taken only 200 mg of caffeine, and more heavy – to add an extra portion. But in fact, the number does not depend on the weight of the athlete as it is necessary to consider excitability of the Central nervous system, other organs and systems, and the General response of the body to caffeine. There are people who can not tolerate the substance. Any dosages they experience drowsiness and fatigue, and do not feel the recovery and improve athletic performance. Such athletes better to pick up amino acid complex taken before exercise and not to experiment with caffeine.

Those who are of relatively normal feeling, you need to consider:

  • A healthy cardiovascular system. At elevated pressure, tachycardia, and chronic heart disease caffeine intake is not prohibited. Even if the athlete and do not feel uncomfortable, he should avoid increased load on the cardiovascular system, and to abandon the “controversial” substances;
  • The health of the kidneys and liver. There is evidence that for diseases of the excretory system, caffeine is recommended to be excluded until full recovery. The reason is not the toxicity of the substance, and that the athlete’s body can not cope with the acceleration of certain metabolic reactions, and diuretic effects of caffeine;
  • The work of the CNS. Features of the response to caffeine are rarely athletes. The variant when the concentration is increased, the body is working correctly, and feel during the workout fine, but after class athlete for a long time can not sleep. Then it is necessary to give up caffeine in favor of other substances that do not contain stimulants;
  • The autonomic nervous system. Many athletes complain of tremor of the limbs after consumption of caffeine. It is not necessary that it was about the overdose of active substance. Sometimes it’s just a personal response

Side effects

Caffeine is one of the controversial substances regarding the presence of side effects. Many athletes claim that it does not have such, but the doctors believe the opposite. From the cardiovascular system caffeine causes tachycardia, increased heart rate and increased blood pressure. From the lungs – rapid breathing, shortness of breath, and the rhythm of the breath. On the part of the excretory system – a powerful diuretic effect.

Overdose of caffeine can cause noise in the ears, dizziness, red flies before the eyes, pressure in my temples, the feeling of blood pulsation. Sometimes numb fingers, performs a cold sweat, and the feeling of hypoglycemia.

Caffeine can cause a laxative effect, and provoke gastrointestinal disorders. Overdose substances enhances the effect. Gastrointestinal common discomfort in the mouth, dry mucous membranes, and too active a flow of bile.


Reviews on caffeine mixed. Many athletes use it in too large doses, and do not take into account the content of caffeine in pre-workout complexes, fat burners, and normal drinks. It turns out that they take high dosages without realizing it, and then write reviews that caffeine didn’t help them. When selecting products for themselves it is better to start from indications and contraindications, and not from any reviews posted on the Internet.

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