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Burpee fitness: exercise program based on exercises

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Burpee fitness: exercise program based on exercises

The contents

  • Burpee fitness
  • Variations of the burpee exercise
  • A rough plan of fitness workout based on burpees

Modern fitness includes several areas: strength training, cardiorespiratory training, lessons of endurance. But many athletes are looking for methods of complex study of body. For this purpose, was developed exercises, one of which is the burpee. In this article we will talk about the use of burpee fitness. Also presents options for implementation and the model program fitness workouts for tightening the entire body.

Burpee fitness

This exercise was developed in the late 40-ies of the last century, American physicians. Its main purpose is fitness testing of professional athletes. But the mass distribution burpee received thanks to the rising popularity of circuit training: cross fit, interval workout, HIIT-training. What had caused such interest? The fact that the burpee combines mnogocwetnye movement, which includes work with the whole body: arms, shoulders, chest, back, abs, buttocks, legs. At this rate of implementation varies from moderate to fast. This method of training allows you to quickly tighten the body and lose weight.

Below are the main benefits of using burpee:

  • The acceleration of exchange processes.

Heavy traffic, including in the work a multitude of muscles, accelerate the metabolism, which positively affects the burning of calories;

  • Training of the cardiovascular system.

High intensity and combination of different types of activity contribute to strengthen the heart muscle and improved stamina;

  • Versatility.

Suitable for almost everyone. Does not require additional sports equipment. In addition, fitness training based on the burpee can be performed even at home;

  • The development of “explosive” muscle strength.

The combination of plyometric and weight loads allows you to improve speed and power characteristics of the athlete;

  • Load regulation.

Due to the existence of many variations of the burpee run, you can achieve accentuated the development of certain muscles;

  • Harmonious development of the figure.

Due to the intense movements that involve large muscle groups can properly work out all the body. The figure will look proportionally.

It should be noted that the circular fitness workout using burpees are very intense. Therefore, these classes are not recommended for people with serious pathologies musculoskeletal and heart disease. In any case, if you have any health problems, before beginning the training you need to visit a doctor.

Variations of the burpee exercise

Below are the main techniques to perform a burpee. Considered exercises have various degrees of intensity of physical load. Because of this, even an athlete with an initial level of training can pick up a suitable option.

  • Classic.

From a standing position quickly descend into a deep squat. Abut the palm of your hand to the floor. Sharp hopping motion accept the position “bar at arm’s length”. Perform a push-up. At the same time try to touch the breast sex. Sharply pull both knees to your chest and perform a jump up, simultaneously raising both arms above the head;

  • For beginners.

From the classic embodiment of the push-UPS are excluded. Also, instead of the vertical jump the athlete is simply raised to the standing position;

  • With the touch of your knees.

Technique in exercise is the same as in the classics, but instead of pushups, the athlete alternately lifts your knees to your chest and touches their opposite hands;

  • The style of yoga.

Instead of push-UPS the athlete first takes the form of a triangle, then quickly goes into the position of a Cobra. The rest of the movement is similar to the classic variant;

  • Diverting feet.

Added additional movement. Before the vertical jump, half squat position, the athlete performs abduction feet to the side at an angle of 45°;

  • Thrust dumbbells in the plank position.

The athlete picks up a dumbbell with flat faces. When doing exercise push-UPS are excluded. Instead, the athlete pulls the barbell up from the position of the bar. All other movements — as in the classics;

  • With a jump, “star.”

Instead of a simple vertical jumping the jump will be executed in the pose of the stars: the arms and legs at the same time getting divorced in different directions;

  • With a high knee.

When performing a vertical jump, the athlete tightens the thighs to the chest;

  • On one leg.

All the classical movements performed on one foot;

  • Using plyback.

When you perform a vertical jump the athlete must jump onto the platform. Platform height is adjusted individually;

  • With the roll back.

Classical technique exercises adds a new movement. Before the vertical jump, the athlete performs a roll back;

  • With 180°.

Vertical jumping is performed a u-turn in the air;

  • By raising the legs in the strap.

Excludes push-UPS. Instead, the athlete takes a pose strap, with emphasis on forearm and quickly spreads his legs out to the sides;

  • Using the technique of “spider”.

Instead of pushups, the athlete alternately lifts the knees to elbows;

  • With the lunges forward.

Instead of vertical jumping are energetic lunges jump on each leg.

A rough plan of fitness workout based on burpees

To do with the presentation of the programme recommended at least 4 times a week. All exercises are performed for 12 repetitions. Between sets rest is 30 seconds. To start will a single round. In the future, the duration of exercise should be increase.

  • The classic version without push-UPS;
  • Thrust dumbbells in the position of the strap;
  • By raising the legs in the strap;
  • Using the technique of “spider”;
  • With forward lunges;
  • With the roll back.

Based on the above exercises, you can create your own lesson plan. The main recommendation is to alternate a challenging burpee variations with lighter. So you will be able to more effectively conduct their training.

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