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Burpee: features and benefits strength exercises

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Burpee: features and benefits strength exercises

The contents

  • Technique exercise
  • Variations of exercises
  • Simplified fitness workout with burpee
  • Breathing during training
  • The reason for the effectiveness burpee
  • The inclusion of the burpee in fitness training

Burpee is one of the newest exercises related to high-intensity cardio. In essence this physical activity is a combination of pushups and different variations of jumps. Due to the fact that speed, position of the body in space, pace and pulse rate are constantly changing during movement, and accelerates metabolism to the limit, activating blood flow and break down fatty tissue. Additionally, with the help of burpee strengthen muscles, increase aerobic endurance and speed of reaction.

Its name is the physical exercise methods the author is obliged to the Royal Huddleston Burpee — American physiologist, who has regularly used this load in order to check their patients. People were just doing the movement, and Burpee was measured by the frequency of their heart rate and fairly accurate in the form described the level of activity and sports training of the patient.

Technique exercise

Burpee always starts with a smooth strut. Follow the breath at a fast pace get down in the push-up position. Perform a classic push-UPS, trying as low as possible to approach the surface of the floor of the chest. Perform full push-UPS (or push UPS in a row — depending on the program of fitness training and your fitness level), jump to lean on hands and to jump high up, taking its original position. Hands can be held up or on the belt.

The complex of the aforementioned movements will make one cycle or one full repetition. For weight loss burpee should be performed in 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions. For a person with the physical training of the advanced level of the number of repetitions can reach 50-100 times.

Variations of exercises

By the author burpee, the system is not conceived as a variant of aerobic exercise, but as a simple test of strength, endurance, flexibility and other physical indicators. The initial variation had only 4 stages: in a standing position, rest position (as in push-UPS or plank), jump into the initial position, a smooth front.

Modern fitness training include in its list many varieties of burpee. Including them may include:

  • attacks;
  • squats with different placing of the feet;
  • twisting of the press;
  • pull on the bar.

Training can be used optional equipment: weights, dumbbells, fitball or bodybar.

Load weights are for advanced athletes that already have mastered the basic burpee, and having a high degree of endurance. For beginners and older people fit lightweight physical exercises.

Simplified fitness workout with burpee

Light fitness training will allow the young athletes to master the technique and method to adapt to the dynamics of the movements. The most affordable variations of the burpee for beginners include:

  • the rise and adoption of push-up position alternatively, without performing jumps. The basic rule — compliance with activity and fast paced action;
  • pushups from knees. Lightweight performance rely not on the toes, and on my knees. This variation of exercise is especially recommended for women and older men;
  • push UPS with a partial range of motion. In the process of lowering the body can not touch chest to floor, and to carry out a small flexion of the elbow joints;
  • replacement speed jumps out a calm lift from the support position.

Breathing during training

For the full exercise and for maximum training effect will need to carefully follow the breath. Breath control will help to make movement without shortness of breath, rhythmically, smoothly. Also measured the breath will keep the heart rate at a normal level, and improve overall gas exchange in the body: the body’s cells will receive more oxygen.

Correct breathing when performing the burpee should be rhythmic, but active. Before the beginning of the cycle, it is recommended to take 3-4 deep breaths and exhale to avoid shortness of breath. When you inhale push UPS must be done in the negative phase (lowering of body to floor), and exhale into a positive (while straightening your arms and return of the body in the push-up position). Any movement in a burpee, which requires making efforts must be accompanied by an inhale, and the relaxation and lack of tension in the muscles — exhale.

A small but thorough warm-up before exercise will help to prepare for the dynamic work not only the muscles, but the respiratory system.

The reason for the effectiveness burpee

Why complexes fitness workouts that include burpees, enjoy such great popularity? The fact that it is one of the most efficient physical activity for weight loss.

  • During the training, increases the breath, quickens the pulse, aktiviziruyutsya the body’s metabolism starts weight loss. The breakdown of fat deposits starts due to the fact that the blood ejected stress hormones and adrenaline, which also functions as fat burner.
  • Burpee is working fine the large muscles of the body. Especially active in the arms, thighs, chest and back.
  • Exercise performs a bracing function, improve strength and aerobic endurance of the athlete.
  • Burpee strengthens the joints and ligaments, but the load on these body parts is not detrimental and positive. Thanks to action without a strong shock load to the joints gain mobility, and ligaments become more flexible.
  • Burpee helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, working to prevent various congestive disorders.
  • The inclusion of the burpee in fitness training

    As a rule, this element is included in the complex, which consists of intense physical exercise for weight-loss. Such loads mixed cardio power type are executed at the end of the session, when muscle fibers sufficiently heated and the maximum heart rate is speeded up.

    When working with the burpee, it is important to control the heart rate, therefore, fitness instructors recommend performing exercises using a heart rate monitor or fitness band.

    In addition to General complexes, burpee is often performed in a single, separate option. For active weight loss developed a number of schemes. They are designed for 2, 4, 8 or more weeks of classes to obtain a toned athletic figure. In such training programs burpee is performed in a large number of repetitions from 50 to 150-200 times, which makes training most effective.

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