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Brothers Winklaar on preparing for the Arnold Classic 2019

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Pro-bodybuilder Quincy Winklaar (Quincy Winklaar), who is also a police officer and army veteran, along with his brother, a professional IFBB Pro League Bodybuilder Rollie Vinklarek (Roelly Winklaar) are preparing for performances at the festival, named Arnold Schwarzenegger . Rollie will be posing in the first week of March at the Arnold Classic in Columbus USA 2019 and March 15, both of them with his brother Quincy’s waiting for the stage the Arnold classic Australia 2019. Now Winklaar train in the Champions club Oxygen Gym in Kuwait, which involved the whole team of Sheikh Bader budaya (Bader Boodai) “Camel Crew”. One of such training, namely the training of the back, was posted on the instagram profile of Rollie to the delight of fans of the first people’s Mr. Olympia.


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