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Breeding dumbbells in hand while standing

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As soon not call this movement. Wiring, standing, standing side dumbbell abduction, breeding forearms standing, abduction of the forearm, swings with dumbbells standing up. For simplicity, we denote it as “raising hands, standing in the middle Delta”, but it’s anatomically correct to call it abstraction aside. The number of executable athletes techniques even more diverse. Some argue that it should be so tricky to raise the shoulders and in an arc to take dumbbells. In any case do not show the dumbbell above the elbow. Still others admit the cheating, the fourth is strictly against it. Fifth do believe that movement causes pinched nerves shoulder joint, and therefore should not be practiced. A lot of variants, actually, in fitness we need to master the most simple, and not try to include the “extra” muscle-like trapezoids in the process.

The contents

  • 1 Why the shoulders are often injured
  • 2 Rules of training shoulder
  • 3 Technique of dilutions
  • 4 Mahi with one dumbbell
    • 4.1 features of the motion
  • 5 Technical errors

Why the shoulders are often injured

In fact, breeding with dumbbells is seldom the cause of injury, except absolutely terrifying technology. Individual athletes can throw the weight to the head, raise the arms too high, aggressive wobble, and rotate the hands in the shoulder joint back during the movement. They are seriously at risk, but not a muscle tear, as is commonly believed, and the sprain and the subsequent inflammatory processes.

The problem with shoulders is that they are loaded not only in sports but also in everyday life. We do a lot of sitting, lifting shoulders and perenapravit trapezoid, wearable long-time bag on one shoulder, stretching one half of the body and involuntarily reducing the second, and often make a sharp rise hands up without any warmup. This leads to an overload of the joints.

For example, a person never practiced. He comes into the room and begins to bench press, bench press in the simulator, sitting, standing, a couple of presses but with dumbbells. All of them work the deltoid and the affected joint. Enough to overwork, and make an awkward movement and you can get a strain or sprain. Ironically, the injury occurs on the last exercise more often, and this is not some heavy press, and the insulating Maha dumbbell standing or lead hands sideways with a cable. The reason here is not the traffic and congestion of the joint.

Beginners are not recommended more than 2-3 exercises zimowego plan for one training. If you exercise too much, diversion or Mahi best left to an easy session, and not to do, when the body has already received sufficient load. Ideally, training should include 1 heavy, 1 support bench, and one abduction hands lying or standing. Only then the volume will be adequate.

Essential anatomical features. When excess development of a trapezoid, the athlete cannot perform the movement only by the shoulders. It should be considered when choosing weights weights and start literally 2-3 kg.

Injuries are often accompanied by inflammations, which are not localized, but spread throughout the muscle bundle. They often affect the nerves, increasing the pain. Diagnosis of injuries of the shoulders should do the doctor. Home treatment based on guesses, there is no good will not result.

Training rules the shoulders

Some of them have already been mentioned. Shoulders suffering is usually because of excessive physical shape the diligence of the athlete. Simply put, all I want them to pump faster as they give the figure an athletic look and therefore make the training any body part in the “shoulders”. It is not rational and leads to injury. A young athlete should not swing the shoulders one day, chest and back.

The basic rules of making a split for beginners two:

  • If you bench press standing or sitting in the day workout of the shoulders, it is not necessary to attach to the breast or back. Do shoulders with legs as old school athletes, and stay healthy;
  • If the bench in training, but there is only drain and lift-broach, complete training shoulders a day of light bench press along with the work on the triceps

Training shoulders back only makes sense if they really have nowhere else to put all the presses in the workout heavy, legs too heavy and the back is performed on the principle of “injection injury”. But fitness is not typical. Rather, it is a approach for a powerlifter.

Important: if the newcomer does not yet split, diversion owner can replace his bench in some cases. For example, when the training was carried out training classic bench press with a barbell, and the front of the Delta is already overloaded.

Technique of dilutions

This movement has only a few technical features. They aim to ensure that the load does not shift on front and rear beams of the deltoid muscle. The front beams lift arms, rear – assign ago. It’s simple – no need to allow Mach with a clear focus on the mixing blades and the forward swing with swing the dumbbells in front of chest. The options with the shift and Chitigov loved by the professionals of bodybuilding for one reason only. These people train for years, sometimes decades. Their muscles a little more than a “punch”, and surprise. That’s why they use such strange for the layman ways.

Important: This exercise is rarely performed first in the training of the shoulder girdle, but almost always requires joint warm-up. If you’re already doing presses standing and lying, you just need to perform few rotations in the shoulder joint, bringing the arm back. Those who did not require a full warm up, with light presses with bodybare, leads with rubber or without weights.

How to perform the movement:

  • Stand up straight front of a mirror so you can see their movements;
  • In hands take dumbbells of a minimum weight, but such that he felt;
  • Take the forearm in the side, in an arcuate path, raising the elbow at the side, but not above the shoulder;
  • Elbows slightly bent;
  • Dumbbells in hands deployed co-directional movement;
  • When we take hand in hand, the little finger is at the top, the thumb at the bottom, and it causes a reversal of dumbbells;
  • Lifting and lowering are performed smoothly and slowly, without cheating with case and extra unnecessary movements
  • In normal mode, the movement performed for 10-12 repetitions. But there are special cases. For example, a person is very responsive slow muscle fibers and needs megapower or statics, that is, hold the dumbbells at the top. Either the variant with a relatively malapantaram mode, if the opposite is true. It is important here to observe you and make something that responds to the body.

    Important: exercise should not be carried out due to inertia forces in any of the options. If you want to push with your legs, jump up or make movement of the body, taken too much weight and need to reduce it.

    Mahi with one dumbbell

    Abstraction of one hand option for those struggling with muscle imbalances or suffering from cheating. You need to take your free hand for vertical support, and stand up by shifting weight to the center of the arch of both feet. Then the hand is withdrawn to the side, completely repeating the technique of the basic exercises.

    Despite the fact that the goal is to defeat the imbalances, make movement on both sides with the same number of repetitions.

    Need to avoid excessive tilt to the side to avoid a pinched nerve and not to provoke inflammation.

    Features movement

    Following are the features of the exercises:

  • It’s isolating the muscle movement, it is not necessary to take a huge dumbbell, and try to push them up as it will;
  • The weight is chosen individually, strictly so, to be able to raise it by reducing the middle beam of the deltoids, but not including the trapezium, and the muscles of the body and legs;
  • If cheating remove does not work, you need to do the movement in a position “sitting on the bench” pressed back to back;
  • There is no opportunity to develop technique? Try to stretch a rubber shock absorber in the direction of the path of discharge of the dumbbell. Take the easiest. The tape will teach you to turn them off works the muscles of the trapezoid
  • Technical error

    Error list beginners and professionals almost the same:

  • The desire to pump the muscles as quickly as possible, and choosing too heavy of dumbbells that will certainly interfere with the exercise right;
  • The yield on the socks, shoals foot, change of position of the feet;
  • The implementation of the motion due to the tilting of the housing;
  • Original position with tilt back ago;
  • The change of the trajectory, throw the dumbbells to the head;
  • The uneven rise of the right and left. If you have curvature of the spine, perform the movement on one hand;
  • Flexion in the hip tilted forward;
  • The change of angle in the hip joint as fatigue;
  • The inclusion of extra muscle as fatigue
  • Mahi on the shoulders often perform a drop-set to cause extensive pumping. This is only valid if the athlete is experienced and can keep your original position throughout the exercise.

    Those who work with the cheating, we can recommend fluid diversion on the lower block of the crossover. This will help to get rid of extra shocks and other movements and allow almost immediately to improve the technique. Exercise should be done regularly, then its spending will not be big problems.

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