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Breathing in aerobic exercise

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Breathing in aerobic exercise
The contents

  • The rules of breathing during aerobic fitness
  • Breathing technique during physical activity
  • Increase the effectiveness of physical activity through breath

Jogging is the most simple and effective form of exercise for fast and natural weight loss. A very important role in this process is proper breathing, controlling which can significantly improve and facilitate the training and to receive from it the maximum effect.

The rules of breathing during aerobic fitness

Proper breathing is important not only during sports but also in everyday life, for the normalization of the overall physical and mental condition.

During physical exercise, especially aerobic, often there is a rapid fatigue, shortness of breath, which reduces the overall pace of the session. Often this is due to improper breathing for fitness, so it is important to learn deeply and breathe while running, while maintaining a constant smooth pace. You can use the following guidelines:

  • Before fitness training, you need to decide with her pace.

If you plan on running slowly or at a moderate pace, breathing in his familiar rhythm. Intensive training requires a more strict control of breath to ensure that you could sustain a high tempo during the entire race.

  • For greater efficiency of the physical load and increase its duration, it is important that the paced breathing was in sync with the steps.

Thus you will not go astray and to feel shortness of breath, and hang on at a distance much longer.

  • When changing the speed also changes the speed of breathing.

Experts recommend to use during physical activity in moderate mode the rate of breathing “2-2”. This means that you need to do a deep breath in for two steps and then just go do exhale. More complex course in an intensive mode should be overcome with paced breathing “3-2”. Temp “2-1” is well suited for high intensity exercise. This is General advice that anyone can adapt for themselves, thereby increasing the effectiveness of training.

  • The entire exercise can take place in the same rhythm.

Tired, you slow down, and therefore the same needs to be done and with your breath. If you do interval training, change of respiratory rhythm during the change of physical activity is very important for the development of endurance and obtain a good result. Undesirable breathing is too slow even with a corresponding rate of movement, as the body then gets enough oxygen, which affects his stamina.

Breathing technique during physical activity

Needed during fitness training to adjust breathing to the rate of movement, but equally important is the proper machinery of respiration. To learn thanks to the following rules:

  • Breathe through your mouth.

Despite the fact that in everyday life is important and necessary to inhale with nose and exhale through the mouth while running, you should breathe only by mouth. Thus oxygen faster and in greater quantity enters the lungs, nourishes the tissues of the body in full. Mouth while running not open wide, breathe slowly and easily. If breathing quickens and becomes heavy, you need to slow down, to normalize, and then adjust to the desired rhythm.

  • Practice diaphragmatic breathing.

Try to change your habitual breathing chest to belly breathing. This will further expand your lungs and to recruit them more air without restriction rib cage. For this, try as much as possible bulging belly, filling it with air.

  • Breathe deeply and slowly.

Rapid breathing triggers oxygen starvation and premature fatigue, and physical activity becomes inferior. Try on each breath to get more oxygen and then exhale carbon dioxide.

  • Don’t hold your breath.

When the training comes to an end, and you’re tired, the control over the technique of breathing is weakened, and there may be delay. Doing so is strongly not recommended, as this will cause oxygen starvation and will only aggravate your fatigue. Therefore, the best solution in this situation is the slowdown in running and restoring the rhythm of breathing, then you can return to the previous intensity.

These guidelines will help you shape the algorithm proper breathing for virtually any form of exercise.

Increase the effectiveness of physical activity through breath

The correct breathing technique helps to increase the effectiveness of aerobic exercise in the first place because of improved stamina due to good circulation of oxygen in it. In addition, physical exercise can become more productive, to use methods of increasing the efficiency of the breathing:

  • A good warm-up.

Performing simple exercises 5-10 minutes before exercise warms up the muscles and allows oxygen to circulate better in the body, prevents injury and relieves pain. You can also perform simple breathing exercises that prepare the lungs for future load.

  • The increase in load.

If while Jogging you often straying breath, this may indicate that the level of your physical condition is not very large. To improve it add to your training plan some more cardio training, fitness exercise stretching and strength exercises. Increase the load gradually, thereby enhancing the cardiovascular system and developing endurance. As you increase the level natrenirovannosti, run you it gets easier and easier.

  • Correct breathing.

To breathe while running, you need deep and steady, synchronizing steps and the breath. First you have to clearly control the rhythm, but with time it will become a habit and you will breathe according to the tempo of the movement, without even noticing.

  • Listen to your body.

There are many techniques of proper breathing, but not necessarily strictly adhere to. Much more important to choose your own comfortable and effective way of breathing while running.

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