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Breathing exercises Buteyko unique and special

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The technique of respiratory gymnastics invented a medical Professor in the Soviet Union – Konstantin Buteyko. He believed that many diseases come from deep breathing. Scientists have shown is bad for the lungs, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in our body.

Features gymnastics Buteyko

The technique of respiratory gymnastics invented a medical Professor in the Soviet Union – Konstantin Buteyko. He believed that many diseases come from deep breathing. Scientists have shown is bad for the lungs, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in our body.

Negative impact on emotional state. We have the nervousness, irascibility, irritability. Such factors badly disrupt the metabolism and worsen the health of the person.

Due to the method breathing Buteyko’s possible to heal 150 diseases.

Your breaths should be deep and full. The delay period is to raise his eyes to the ceiling, relax the nervous system. Do not rush to exhale, you first need sharply strain muscles.

Using the methods Buteyko’s important not to drink alcohol or smoke. The diet should consist of food of plant origin with small amounts of fatty acids. It is better to rest on the belly and breathe through the nose.

Key benefits contraindications

The main benefits of breathing techniques Buteyko:

  • Helps to improve the expectoration of sputum in the lower part of the lungs.
  • Prevention of cough.
  • Improvement of nasal breathing. This will help to cope with rhinitis, sinusitis.
  • Normalization of blood pressure.
  • Improved blood circulation in the brain.
  • Preventing allergic reactions.
  • The proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

When you exercise you should gradually reduce reduce the duration and depth of breathing. The pause lengthened. Thus there is a restoration of chemical balance, strengthening the immune system.

Breathing exercises can be performed at a convenient time of the day in the office, at home, and elsewhere. Gymnastics can be a child from four years old and an adult.

There are contraindications:


  • Diabetes.
  • Infectious diseases in the acute stage.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Insulinozawisimom.
  • Aneurysm of the deep vessels.
  • Chronic tonsillitis.
  • Surgical intervention on the heart.
  • Being in the grafts.

Some exercises

To perform the gymnastics necessary to prepare:

  • to sit comfortably;
  • back smooth;
  • the neck is pulled upward;
  • hands are on knees.
  • People need to relax. Before performing the basic exercises for a long time to hold your breath. It is necessary to repeat the day 6 times, recording the results. If the pause time increases – then the exercise is performed correctly.

    Exercises in bronchial asthma

    To get rid of the disease, should pay the gym two to three hours a day. Long delay of breath from doing 3 times a day.

    The exercise is performed in the following way:

    • You need to sit to be comfortable, leaning slightly against the back of the chair.
    • Exhale, squeeze the nose with 2 fingers and as long as possible hold your breath.
    • You need a long, shallow breath.
    • Take a break and run again.

    Through the training it is possible to normalize the level of carbon dioxide in the blood, hence, forget about asthma attacks.

    Under stress

    The order of execution is as follows:

    • Exhale.
    • To hold your breath for 3 or more seconds.
    • While taking a deep breath to stop breathing.
    • Now proceed to “blow your candles out”. Lips folded letter O and make three exhale: 1 – air coming out of the peritoneum region , 2 from chest, 3 from the upper region of the lungs. The back should be smooth. Look in front of me. Do the exercise three times.

    When fear and anxiety

    According to Buteyko, the whole emotional negativity are located between the ribs and the upper part of the abdomen. In order to say goodbye to him should do 3 deep cycle of inhalation and exhalation. Breath measured. On the 3rd time the air is exhaled to the end and you pause. You can inhale.

    From fatigue

    To begin the exercise you must take full breaths, after which perform a breath-hold. The final part – a long exhalation performed through the mouth. Note, the output of lingering, as if whistling. Exercise repeat three times.


    When pain in the head the short breath. After the exhale, pause. Thus will accumulate of carbonic acid.

    Blocked nose

    When the founding of one nostril is a blind one that breathes with a handkerchief. Then hold your breath. It is worth repeating a few times and nose to breathe.

    To strengthen the immune system

    The exercise is rhythmic breathing, and ends with a long breath:

    • You need to sit comfortably.
    • Inhale at the count of two or three.
    • Breath four to six.
    • Then the breath is extended to account for four to five, and exhale to seven to ten. It is necessary to control the rhythm. The exercise is repeated four or five times.

    Calm breathing with active exhalation

    You need to inhale in the nose all the lungs and exhale through the mouth as if blowing out the candle. Perform 4 repetitions.

    Breath to cleanse

    You must carry out a strong breath through the nostrils and exhale with the lips, half squeezing them. Repeat three times.

    To soothe

    Use after heavy exercise. Usually in between Jogging and walking. Perform the following:

    • A long, deep breath. Should raise their hands and breed then in different directions. Her hands rotated to the top.
    • The head is lifted.
    • Then slowly exhale and return to original position.
    • The hands and head lowered.

    Before using respiratory gymnastics should consult with a qualified professional. Also, before you perform the breathing exercises in the Buteyko should view the video training.

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