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Brandon Hendrickson on cases before leaving the category

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The reigning champion of the Mr. Olympia 2018 in the category of Men’s Physique Brandon Hendrickson (Hendrickson Brandon) told me on the Instagram page about his desire to change the category for performances. While it only intentions, no movement out of the division the athlete does not intend to take because of his coach, who insists on need to re-title defense Brandon this fall.

I can’t even tell what itch before the new test … keep my ambitions … just waiting for when the coach gives me the green light … but we need 2 times before switching … who’s ready to see me on the wave Classics?

Soon, from 23 to 24 February this the best Men’s Physique will perform with guest posing in India at the Sher tournament classic. Recall that in September on the Las Vegas stage, the judges of the IFBB professional League Professional League put on the first place in the category of mens-American physicist Brandon Hendrickson, and four-time Mr. Olympia this division Jeremy Buendia (Jeremy Buendia) became only the fourth after tearing the pectoral muscle.

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