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Brandon Curry ten weeks before Mr. Olympia 2020

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Brandon Curry gives subscribers a glimpse of his current physique by showing off his powerful back ten weeks before the main show in Las Vegas. The 2020 Mr. Olympia is fast approaching, with the show taking place in about two and a half months. Nice to see how Curry looks in preparation for posing this year. He was able to win last year's tournament, he was not without serious criticism, since neither Phil Heath nor his winner Sean Roden were able to participate in those competitions. So bodybuilding fans around the world want to know if Brandon has what it takes to retain the title when he comes up against Wish Killer, who announced his comeback (read more at ironflex.com.ua). In a new post on his Instagram page, Curry revealed his huge back and highlighted how detailed it is:
“Focus on your goals, no matter what someone says, to prevent you from continuing to move towards them! Let's get to work! "
The lighting and quality of this photo is not exactly ideal for determining the state of his physique at this stage of Brandon's training. However, it is clear that the current title holder Mr. Olympia went to great lengths to hone its look before the show. You can see this by looking at a workout done a few days earlier (video below) to see how seriously he takes this preparation. With the return of Phil Heath, many people are devaluing Brandon, but he intends to prove to doubters that he became the best in the world last year, and can again achieve similar success this year, even with the participation of Heath. Ten weeks before the show, he still has plenty of time to work and improve his physique, as it will be interesting to see how these two get together on stage in Nevada.

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