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Branch Warren and Johnny Jackson are back at the gym

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Branch warren

Bodybuilding Legends Branch Warren Branch Branch and Johnnie Jackson have been in competitive bodybuilding for decades. Despite this, they are still training hard together. Warren has been the best bodybuilder since 1992, while Jackson became famous in 1998. They performed at various competitions, and subsequently gained a reputation as one of the best athletes in the world. Although they do not compete on stage, both men love to stay active. Branch Warren recently posted a video on his Instagram where he trained with Jackson. In this video, he shows a couple doing a dropset while working on their backs. In addition, he says this was part of a whole day of co-training:

We have returned!!! Here is the dropset with @johnnieojackson I did today during our back workout !!!

Both Warren and Jackson have always been known for their super-intense workouts. Moreover, Warren even created his own line of fitness equipment, which he sells on his website. Despite the fact that both men did not compete for several years, it is clear that they are still in shape. Obviously, their best performances are behind, but they will forever be known as bodybuilding legends.

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Here’s 1 drop set @johnnieojackson and I did today during our back workout !!! Head to the @kagedmusclesupps page and watch the rest of our workout it will only be available for the next 24 hrs. – – #BranchWarren #Backday #Metroflex #JOJ # Bodybuilding #KagedMuscle

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