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Boxing for beginners: benefit exercise and fitness training program

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Boxing for beginners: benefit exercise and fitness training program
The contents

  • The fitness program boks
  • Fundamentals of nutrition for boxers
  • Recommendations for training for beginners

Almost every teenage boy seeks to find the strength of body and spirit, learn how to defend themselves. Such qualities could not be better developed during Boxing, which, in principle, considered by many to be a purely masculine sport. Properly designed fitness program helps aspiring boxers to learn the basics of this direction of martial arts and also make your training the most productive and useful.

Today, Boxing has become much more accessible, the training conducted in almost every fitness club and instructors are experienced and professional boxers. This is a fairly popular sport, with which you can:

  • to improve your fitness;
  • good for strengthening the upper body;
  • to increase muscles of arms and chest volume;
  • to develop coordination, stamina and reaction speed;
  • to strengthen willpower, gain confidence;
  • to learn self-defense and self-control.

Boxing helps to develop a strong-willed character, believe in themselves, to become stronger physically and spiritually. Most often it is the direction of the sports prefer men, but some women also tend to get all the benefits from Boxing. It is worth noting that this is not a very good influence on the female figure, making her beefy, and masculine.

The fitness program boks

Any training, regardless of intensity should start with a quality warm up. The same applies to Boxing, a set of exercises for warming up before which should consist of elements of stretching, turns, tilts, swings and jerks; also recommended a few minutes to jump rope for training of the cardiovascular system to subsequent aerobic exercise.

After that you should start the basic training, which must include the following elements:

  • working out by punching the projectiles, so they develop technique and accuracy of their application — 3 rounds;
  • working with a punching bag, which is designed to develop the force of impact — 2-3 rounds;
  • the technique of “shadow Boxing” for testing line protection and technology impact — 3 rounds;
  • working with pneumography to improve coordination and speed movements — 3 rounds;
  • sparring with a partner for 2-5 rounds.

Fundamentals of nutrition for boxers

The issue of power athletes involved in Boxing, should be highlighted separately, because it is high intensity the direction of the sport requires significant internal resources of the body. For effective training with no harm to health it is important to consider two main points:

  • to provide the body with the necessary quantity of useful nutrients for energy;
  • to organize nutrition, optimum composition which will help the body recover after intense exercise.

This does not mean that it is necessary to count calories and weigh portions on a kitchen scale, but still important to monitor the approximate percentage in the diet of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, making your diet complete.

In the course of studies power fitness occurs microreserve muscle fibers, which are subsequently restored, and that provides muscle growth and increase strength. In order for this scheme to work fully, give your body the necessary amount of building material for muscles, which is a protein. Thus, the amount of protein in the diet of the athlete must be a significant and occupy approximately 50% of the total. The best sources of protein include dairy products, lean meat, eggs, peanuts and legumes.

Equally important constituents of diet are carbohydrates, which are the source of energy. Thanks to them, the training can last longer, be more intense and more productive. Among a wide variety of carbohydrate foods a significant advantage should be given to complex carbohydrates contained in vegetables and cereals. Their number in the diet should approximately be 35%.

The remainder of the diet (15%) are in the fats, among which the most useful are vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, fish. Is important and drinking regime under which a day is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of clean water. A more exact figure depends on the weight of the athlete, intensity of exercise and this time of year.

Recommendations for training for beginners

Starting to do any kind of fitness, inexperienced athletes make numerous mistakes that cost them wasted time and sometimes even health. In order not to face such situation and to get right into the training process, it is important to consider the advice of experienced boxers:

  • regardless of whether you’re Boxing to build a professional career or to maintain a physical form, such trainings should be taken seriously and be sure to follow the program prepared by the professional coach;
  • in the course of fitness activities that are intensive enough, you should pay attention to how you feel, and if you have any questions on health be sure to discuss them with a personal trainer and with your doctor;
  • the last meal should be 1.5-2 hours before training, at the end you can eat after half an hour;
  • tangible results and good progress can be seen only under the condition of regular classes, the frequency of which should be about 3 times a week;
  • before the training be sure to do a good workout, with some time of cardio;
  • discuss with the instructor your menu and follow the recommendations regarding diet and nutritional supplementation.

Having made the decision to engage in such a serious sport like Boxing, most important is to find a good professional mentor. They should be people who want to be, and that you are good a friendly relationship.

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