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Boxing exercises for good health and slimness

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Boxing exercises for good health and slimness
The contents

  • The benefits and harms of Boxing for body health
  • Boxing exercises to strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • Boxing makes the body strong
  • A set of exercises for Boxing coordination
  • Box for good mood and stress prevention
  • Who should not use Boxing

Boxing is a sport that includes a set of exercises performed with high intensity. It is deservedly considered as the most difficult and dangerous kind of load, but despite this, it has a number of health benefits. Boxing is not just a special kind of fighting, its a set of exercises, with proper implementation, will be happy to work out all muscle groups of the human body.

Quote “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”, heard from the lips of Mohammed Ali, talks about his special attitude to the sport. He equates it exercises toward an action full of elegance and grace.

But despite this, Boxing is surrounded by a bad reputation. It’s a hazardous occupation, are able to trigger the development of Alzheimer’s disease and other unpleasant ailments. But with the right approach, his technique can be reversed for the benefit of the human body. How to do it and what benefits it will bring — will discuss in the article.

The benefits and harms of Boxing for body health

Currently Boxing and its derivatives direction, becoming more accessible to a wider audience. Gone are the days when practice was possible only for further performances in the ring. The complex of exercises of Boxing can bring very good. It helps to develop endurance, and improve the efficiency of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. However, the contact direction is dangerous. When sparring partners cause each other injury, which can seriously harm your health. Frequent blows to the head can further provoke disorders of the Central nervous system. Therefore, paired training must be conducted solely under the supervision of a specialist — an experienced coach. And those who do not wish to spoil the appearance and health it is better to resort to the exercise of non-contact Boxing, during which the strikes are conducted only on pear.

For those who are not planning to reach new heights and ranks, and wishes to use the technique only for the development of his own body and mind, there is a special focus of the sport. Training is held at the attractive and comfortable rooms, in full protective gear, and universal approach different trainers helps to achieve the desired results, for example, just to strengthen the muscular system, develop agility and strength without getting dangerous injuries. Now consider the useful properties of these classes in more detail.

Boxing exercises to strengthen the cardiovascular system

Regular intensive exercise the cardiovascular system helps to prevent heart disease, burn calories in order to lose or maintain normal weight. Will definitely start training only after medical examination. Because this load has a number of contraindications, which are discussed later.

Do you like Jogging? Pretty much, they were in the shower, but there are those who believe this activity is monotonous and boring. Boxing exercises help to provide sufficient cardiac load in the conditions of restricted space, for example, of the ring. Exercise often carries, allowing you to forget about over time.

In order to make the activity useful to start with a warm-up, gradually increasing the pace. Upon completion of the training you need to make a hitch that will help to return to the rhythm of the heartbeat.

Boxing makes the body strong

Despite the fact that exercise, in principle, by themselves are simple, their implementation requires a lot of energy because they have to repeat many times in one session. Infinite jumps, side steps, and kicks can be actively pumped all over the body. After all, the goal of the round is to attack the enemy until, until it is completely exhausted and won’t fall. If the enemy is not overthrown, in the end, the judges evaluate the fight itself, and here the important is the volume of the blocks and of the strikes, their accuracy and frequency.

The high intensity exercise and the fact that the whole body is involved in the process of training allows you to build muscle and keep it tone. Boxing is a sport in which the main load is focused in the upper body, but rather works his lower half.

A set of exercises for Boxing coordination

Trained coordination helps to better feel the space. The rate of reaction acquired combat reflexes and skill is something that can be successfully used every day, even outside of the ring. This is especially important with the advent of old age, when due to the physiological changes in reaction speed, the ability to control one’s own body and General muscle tone is gradually reduced. Trained people meet face to face with these signs of aging much later or to a lesser extent.

During bakirovna in a pair, you must always think on their feet and try to anticipate future enemy actions. Time to place the block, to Dodge and to repay retaliation — the merit not only trained the body but also the brain. Boxing definitely improves hand coordination, vision and reaction speed in General.

Box for good mood and stress prevention

In the process of training the body actively produces endorphins, which make you feel happier. This mechanism helps not to give up at the time of the execution of a complex set of exercises provides an opportunity to focus and continue to train. Of course, as is the situation with any kind of physical activity, but plenty of opportunity to deck bag is the perfect outlet for negative emotions, which is good for prevention of prolonged stress. And high intensity movements do not give any chance to think about the issues.

Who should not use Boxing

Boxing like any other sport, has its contraindications. So they should not involve those who:

  • with an unhealthy cardiovascular system. Boxing is contraindicated to hypertensive patients, people with congenital heart disease and other ailments;

  • suffers from malfunction of the respiratory and digestive system;

  • it is also unacceptable to practice Boxing with the diseases of urogenital and endocrine system;

  • has disorders of the Central nervous system. Among them mental illness, neuritis, epilepsy, and others;

  • has eye disease, musculoskeletal system, and blood;

  • wears dentures or has ENT disease, especially in the acute phase;

  • classes may be contraindicated for people with certain skin diseases.

There are also contraindications, time-bound, among them the presence of:

  • infectious skin diseases, acute respiratory infections and colds;

  • the recovery period after illness (in each case, the period is set separately);

  • injuries of the musculoskeletal apparatus or head.

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