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Bodyflex: regulation of breathing and exercises

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Bodyflex: regulation of breathing and exercises
The contents

  • The basic rules of Flex in the fight against excess weight
  • Principles of breath during exercise
  • A set of exercises bodyflex

Maintaining the harmony and beauty of the figure which occupies a lot of women, so in the modern world there are many different ways to reduce weight. In addition to the basic methods of weight reduction — nutrition and fitness — there are alternatives, one of which is the body Flex. It is a gym, where the main condition is diaphragmatic breathing which causes the lungs to work in full. Due to the increased saturation of the body with oxygen and accelerates metabolism. Correct breathing technique is reinforced by exercises in order to strengthen its effect.

The basic rules of Flex in the fight against excess weight

To portfolio photography bring your body a favor and contributed to getting rid of excess weight, you need to follow some simple rules:

  • training should last no longer than 20 minutes;
  • time to practice it is better to choose the morning before the first meal (it is allowed to drink a glass of water or green tea);
  • exercises must be performed regularly, preferably daily;
  • the program bodyflex does not involve the enforcement of a special diet, but for more fast result, it is recommended to keep the fractional balanced diet;
  • if the excess weight is very large, it makes sense to additionally use the system of counting calories;
  • for classes, you must choose loose comfortable clothes that do not hinder movements;
  • for the convenience of mastering a proper breathing technique is recommended to use the videos, which in detail explains and shows all of the basic principles and nuances of the system;
  • for elements performed on the floor, you will need a gym Mat.

Bodyflex does not require additional sports equipment to engage them in any convenient place. Before class it is recommended to thoroughly ventilate the room to provide fresh air.

Principles of breath during exercise

The basis of gymnastics bodyflex has a special type of breathing that must be mastered prior to starting the exercise program. Despite its simplicity, it is essential to the effectiveness of the system.

  • Take a starting position: to do this, stand straight, hands placed on the front surface of the hips, slightly squatting. You put your lips to the ring and makes a strong exhale, completely clearing the lungs.
  • Close your mouth and take a deep strong breath through the nose, completely filling your lungs with air.
  • Exhale sharply through the mouth. The air has to go loud, forming the sound of “Groin-x”.
  • Hold your breath, at the same time tighten the abdominal wall as possible to the spine. Feels the stomach needs to be pulled inside and up under the ribs. Breath hold for 8 accounts. At this stage, there is active action in bodyflex.
  • Relax the muscles and make a relaxed breath in through your nose.

In the early stages of the development of breathing may cause dizziness or coughing. These symptoms are normal and indicate an adaptation to high lung function. Gradually the body gets used, and these feelings will disappear.

In the hope to quickly remove excess weight without a doctor’s advice begin to the gym and feel the deterioration of health, so it’s important to remember that body Flex has a number of contraindications. From training, must be abandoned:

  • pregnant women;
  • people with chronic diseases of the respiratory organs;
  • in diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • in the presence of any injuries;
  • after recent surgery.

One should not rush to the study, women who recently had childbirth or caesarean section. In this case, you must wait for a full recovery and be sure to consult with your doctor.

A set of exercises bodyflex

The lesson begins with a light warm-up that prepares the body for more challenging work. To do this, perform several cycles of breathing in one of these poses or all in order.

  • Volleyball player.

The position described above: stand up straight, slightly bending the legs and placing the hands over the knees. The back should be straight, chin parallel to the floor, eyes in front of him.

  • In the sitting position.

To perform this exercise sit on the floor, hands behind abut to the floor, legs bred as widely as possible.

  • In the position of “Cat”.

To do this, get up on all fours, gaze directed at the floor, back straight.

Making the warm-up, start performing the main set of exercises:

  • Boat.

Working on inner thighs. The exercise is performed from a sitting position with her legs spread. Perform 1 to 3 of the respiratory phases and on the fourth bend forward, stretching your arms in front of him on the floor. After enduring 8 seconds, return to starting position and repeat the exercise 4 more times.

  • Cat.

The item is made of emphasis on the knees and hands. After completing the first 3 stages of breathing, rounded back and lowered his head down, holding the breath for 8 seconds. Return to starting position and repeat the item 3 times.

  • Lion.

Stand in first position “Volleyball player”, perform 3 the first step breathing exercises, and then on the breath form the lips of the tube and as far as possible and draw out the tongue out of the mouth, opening the mouth widely.

  • Lateral stretching.

Take the attitude of “Volleyball player” and perform the stages of respiration before the delay. Push the left leg forward, bending it at the knee. Left elbow rests on the thigh, right straight arm pull up and forward, bending body followed. Hold the position for 8 seconds, inhale and relax. Perform the item 2 more times and repeat it with the other hand.

  • Seiko.

Stand in the pose “Cats” and she throw the straight right leg to the side; the foot pressed to the floor. Doing breathing exercise, breath-hold delayed raise leg up and hold her like 8 seconds. Then take a breath and relax. Perform 3 repetitions for each leg.

Presents a set of exercises to strengthen the efficiency and breathing practices will help not only reduce weight, but also improve the flexibility and endurance of the body.

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