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Bodybuilding insulin – purpose and risks

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The hormone insulin was discovered a huge number of years ago, it is one of the most important substances in the human body, it is also present in animals. The role of this hormone is to carry out metabolic processes, in particular for the metabolism of nutrients. Scientists are actively studying the role of insulin in bodybuilding and other sports areas, as well as its importance in losing weight and health risks. This is information about the use of synthetic insulin in the sports field.

Synthetic insulin was originally created to maintain the quality of life of patients with diabetes mellitus, it is designed to regulate the concentration of sugar in the blood. Now it is used in various fields, you will not surprise anyone with a course of insulin in bodybuilding to promote weight gain or in dietetics for effective weight loss. Many believe that the application of such measures for healthy people is completely safe, we will figure out whether this is actually so.

Why take it?

The substance performs a transport function, with an increase in its concentration, all cells and tissues receive more nutrient components. Athletes are interested in enhancing cellular nutrition for muscle tissue so that it grows faster and is well restored. The action is due to anabolic, metabolic and other effects.


Muscles are insulin-dependent, with an increase in its number they receive more amino acids to increase their volume. The most significant amino acids are leucine and valine. An equally important role is the transport of protein, as well as ions for the production of useful fatty acids, these are ions of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other elements. With a lack of fats, they are not able to break down qualitatively, they are conserved in reserve, which is unacceptable for an athlete who monitors the composition of his body.



It is expressed in better glucose uptake by cells of all tissues, including muscle. The production of glycogen, the main source of energy for muscle work, is increased, and the production of sugar by the liver cells is reduced, which reduces the likelihood of unwanted fat deposits.


Catabolism is a terrible word for a bodybuilder, as it means the destruction of muscle tissue. The body starts catabolism during exhaustion in order to balance the energy balance, insulin injection can prevent this process, it does not allow proteins to break down into amino acids. Equally important is the ability to block the supply of fat molecules to the circulatory system.

muscle mass


By taking this component, the athlete receives more energy for activity, as sugar transportation improves. Sports activities are becoming more effective, but the advantage turns into a disadvantage. Unclaimed energy will turn into fat reserves, balancing the energy balance can be very difficult.

Which to choose?

In bodybuilding, insulin is used short and ultrashort action, both types are obtained by artificial means. They have the same actions, the only difference is the urgency of the onset of the effect. The short type has an effect on average half an hour after absorption in the blood, peak activity is observed after about two hours, excretion occurs after six hours. The most common for this type are Actrapid NM and Humulin Regular.

Humulin Regular

Ultrashort insulin in bodybuilding is valued higher, as it starts to work faster. Efficiency is observed already 15 minutes after getting into the blood, but the peak will come in the same interval – 2 hours. The elimination period is shorter – not six, but only four hours. This type is called the best insulin for bodybuilding, not only because of speed, it is convenient to take it – regardless of meals, that is, both before meals and after. Popular in this category are Apidra Insulins and Humalog.

Advantages and disadvantages

As advantages note:

optimal duration is 60 days;
refers to vital, so the risk of acquiring a fake is practically absent. This can not be said about other anabolic agents, especially many fakes among steroids;
sold in any pharmacy, do not order or search, get a prescription from a doctor;
excellent anabolic changes result;
with a correctly compiled course, the likelihood of consequences will be minimal;
after that, additional drug therapy will not be required to recover, since there will not be serious consequences;
rollback after completion will be small relative to other means;
if necessary, therapy is combined with anabolic components in full combination;
the complete absence of androgenic effects, due to which men taking the drug do not encounter problems in terms of potency;
lack of harm to the kidneys and liver;
It will not be determined during doping control, therefore it is appreciated in professional sports.

It is important to note the disadvantages:

from the beginning to the end of the intake, the blood sugar level will be reduced;
during the period of use, in addition to muscle tissue, the amount of fat increases, it is impossible to avoid this;
a professional should make a diagram; a novice with a high probability will make a mistake and will face consequences.

Side effects

You don’t need to be a professional to notice that there are many more positive aspects than negative ones, but before using it you need to familiarize yourself with the possible consequences. They are often indicated in reviews about insulin in bodybuilding as deficiencies, but in most cases this is a natural reaction of the body to an increase in the concentration of the hormone.

The first side effect is hypoglycemia, that is, a decrease in the level of glucose in the blood, this will not be avoided. The condition manifests itself in various symptoms:

trembling hands and feet;
increased sweating;
confusion, fainting;
disorientation in space, problems with coordination of movement;
uncontrolled hunger;
pulse acceleration.

In order to get rid of all manifestations of hypoglycemia, it is enough to eat something sweet. The glucose level is normalized, health is quickly stabilized.

eating sweets

Itching is also a common side effect. It is injected, the puncture site may itch, this is the result of irritation. A mild allergic reaction is not excluded, but this happens extremely rarely.

The most dangerous is addiction, it is observed with very long use. The body gets used to using a synthetic compound and ceases to produce its own. Failure causes problems associated with a lack of hormone.

How to use?

In order to minimize the manifestations of side effects, it is necessary to understand how to take insulin in bodybuilding. The duration should not exceed two months, otherwise, as mentioned above, addiction will arise.

If you draw up the diagram correctly, then in these two months it is possible to gain up to ten kilograms of lean muscle mass.

Start with small dosages to make sure there is no negative reaction to the artificial component. With a gradual increase in the daily dosage reaches twenty units, this is the maximum dose, exceeding which is strictly prohibited. In order to calculate the dosage with perfect accuracy, they are repelled by the amount of carbohydrates consumed, the proportions are as follows: one unit for every 10 grams of pure carbohydrates.

The dose increase is strictly gradual, if after ten units the next time twenty is injected, then the health effects will become irreversible. The frequency is not regulated, if there is the possibility of daily use, then the duration is reduced. For example, if you use injections every other day, then the whole cycle will take 60 days, but if the receipts occur every day, then the duration should be limited to a month, otherwise an overdose will occur.

When to enter?

The best solution is to use immediately after strength training, at the same time as a meal from a serving of food with a lot of protein and complex carbohydrates. With this strategy, an injection prevents catabolism, which starts after performing exercises with great weight.

In days off from sports, it is better not to do injections, but if such a need arises, for example, to shorten the period, you will have to adhere to certain rules. Reception is made in the morning before the first meal, then after half an hour you should have breakfast. On days without physical activity, it is possible to use any type, on training days it is better to give preference to ultrashort.

injects insulin

How to enter?

Stabbing is recommended in different parts of the body, because multiple injections in the same place increase the risk of itching and other manifestations of allergic reactions. A special insulin syringe is used, ordinary ones will not work, because with them it is impossible to accurately calculate the dosage. In addition, such syringes are convenient, they are sold in any pharmacy and cost the same as regular ones.

When introduced into the abdominal cavity, pinch the upper layer of the skin to make a crease. You can also inject into the area of ​​any of the large muscles, for example, quadriceps femoris or triceps, in which case the result will be faster. It is permissible to take an injection with you to the hall, but at the same time carefully monitor the temperature regime, the composition should not heat up during the lesson.

If you do not eat immediately after class, you will need to introduce a remedy, wait 15 minutes and eat something carbohydrate, observing the above proportion – a unit for 10 grams of sugars. protein can be taken after an hour, if this is not done, then hypoglycemia will occur with all the accompanying symptoms. During this period, with a high probability there will be a desire to go to bed, but you can not give in to him, since the substance reaches a peak. Allow yourself to fall asleep only after four hours, when activity begins to decline.

Often there is a recommendation to use the medicine directly in class, for example, half an hour before graduation. The authors of this council argue that in this way efficiency comes faster, it is common among weightlifters. This strategy can really increase productivity, but the risk of consequences will also increase several times. Better advice is not to follow, but if you ignore the risks and follow, then immediately after graduation you will need to drink a large portion of a protein-carbohydrate shake.

There is another option, it is proposed to use not after and not in the process, but immediately before the loads. It is strictly forbidden to do this, since hypoglycemia with all its manifestations will come right in the classroom. An experienced athlete will never decide on such a measure, since he knows the importance of a stable level of glucose in the blood during high physical exertion. Beginners, especially, should not think about such experiments on themselves.

injects insulin into the crease

Beginner Mistakes

If you follow all the rules, start with a small dosage and then gradually increase it, then the likelihood of negative consequences will be minimized. But it’s still important to be attentive to all the changes that are taking place. In order to avoid the most harmful of the side effects, getting used to the composition, you should maintain breaks between cycles of at least four months. Otherwise, the functions of the pancreas will be inhibited, it will lose the ability to produce its own hormone in the required volume.

Beginners often make mistakes, because of which instead of a good result they get complications:

improper dosing – usually this is too much;
the wrong way – an injection should not be done intramuscularly, but exclusively subcutaneously;
improper moment – can not be taken before bedtime and before training;
malnutrition – low amounts of carbohydrates and proteins eaten before exercise. Protein is recommended to eat more to get more muscle tissue, a large amount of carbohydrates is required in order to avoid hypoglycemia;
use on drying – during this period, athletes adhere to a special sports regime and nutrition. Carbohydrates are limited to get rid of subcutaneous fat as soon as possible, such nutrition is incompatible with the course: without proper carbohydrate nutrition, the blood sugar level will become too low, in the opposite case, drying will not be effective.

When using it is important to monitor the diet, fully train and control, so that there is enough rest for a full recovery.

Can it be combined with anabolic steroids?

Combination tactics with anabolic agents are used to accelerate the achievement of results. The result will really come faster and will be more pronounced, but it is impossible to interrupt the reception at the same time, otherwise a strong rollback will occur. As a rule, taking anabolic steroids lasts two to three weeks longer.

It is important to understand that only professional athletes do this, for whom activity is not a hobby, but a career and earning. Fans are better off not resorting to such combinations, of course, if one of the drugs is not caused by the presence of the disease. Even if you want to build a professional career, the connection of chemical components should occur only after the natural resources have been exhausted. Before adding any bodybuilding supplement, even insulin, you should consult your doctor.


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