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Body Vive by Les Mills – the pros and cons

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Program Body Vive by Les Mills is suitable for those who do not like to sit still all the time and supported the activity. Every lesson brings an explosive charge of vivacity and good mood.

Program Body Vive created by professional trainers from the company Les Mills, it’s training for active and energetic people who want to maintain their physical form.

Each lesson improves mood and gives a boost of explosive energy, a new look at group programs.

Training on the system of Body Vive include intense aerobic and anaerobic load, but they are designed in such a way that people after the training do not feel exhausted. The program is aimed at getting rid of excess weight and toning muscles. Each block of exercise corresponds to a particular musical track, all movements are performed to music, but it’s not just a dance, but rather vigorous aerobic exercise to music.
Classes last from 45 to 60 minutes, each starts with a warm-up, includes several blocks of different orientation. Depending on the type of program you will need to get a ball or expander, there are several types of training to decrease or increase loads.
Body Vive – advantages:

  • The combination of loads of different types of leads to tone all the major muscle groups, muscular system makes you spend calories and lose weight;
  • Training is not only effective but also fun. At Les Mills, special attention is paid to choice of music, the soundtrack maintains a positive attitude and motivation in training;
  • Units with cardio-loads not only contribute to a high calorie consumption, but also increase endurance, strengthen the heart and blood vessels;
  • Even after a heavy workout, people feel tired after the lesson, there is cheerfulness and a burst of energy, good mood for the whole day guaranteed;
  • A large part of other programs from Les Mills designed for people with good physical preparation, Body Vive is suitable for every person.
  • In the absence of the inventory exercise can be performed by blocks, for example, do a cardio part, and the power to replace another program.

Body Vive – disadvantages:

  • In order to engage in the program and achieve stated results, still need to purchase equipment. Need expander or the ball, they increase the load and bring variety to workout;
  • In training there is a lot of jumping and other explosive exercises, shock loads may cause injury. In this regard, the program has contraindications for health reasons;
  • The creators of the program have addressed its active people with energetic lifestyle. Body Vive is available for everyone, but those who are accustomed to an inactive lifestyle need to spend some time for adaptation.

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