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Body Step – body rhythm tap dance

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Weight loss should be not only effective, but fun, so it is Body Step by Les Mills. This new approach to step aerobics and the achievement of excellent results.

Workout Body Step is a new approach to step aerobics, this way of losing weight very popular because of its effectiveness, the company did Les Mills trainings not only effective, but fun.
All workouts Les Mills is unique, and the Step Body is no exception. The basic part of the training are elements of traditional step aerobics, they added strength training and interval fat burning blocks. The result is an explosive and energetic program, all classes are held on a step-platform.

Height of step platform is selected depending on the level of training of the person, the higher the platform, the stronger the load.

In addition to the step platform will require power equipment – drive from barbells or dumbbells. For the first training will be enough weights 2-2. 5 kg, then the weight will increase. In a traditional step aerobics a large part of the load falls on the lower part of the body – the thighs and buttocks, using the power of element Les Mills involved and the upper part of the body, the loads become uniform and balanced. Training is held at a high pulse, and utilizes all major muscle groups, this takes a lot of calories, burn a lot of fat.
Pros Of Body Step:

  • One lesson will be spent up to 600 calories, cardio loads can waste a lot of energy and power units accelerate the metabolism to accelerate weight loss;
  • Effectively worked gluteal muscles, muscles of the front and back of the thigh. The development of these muscles need a significant load, Body Step provides a desired level;
  • The program compares favorably with traditional step aerobics, aerobic training added power, the work included not only the legs but arms, back, abdomen;
  • The work included a large number of muscles, the weights increase the load, making the workout as productive as possible;
  • Musical selections make the classes not only productive, but fun, they are energized and in good mood;
  • Cardio exercise strengthens the heart muscle, make the cardiovascular system more resilient;
  • Classes on a step-platform, promote the development of coordination of movements;
  • The difficulty of the workout can vary from low to very high, the intensity of stress depends on the height step platform.

Shortcomings Body Step:

  • For training you will need to acquire sports equipment – step platform, discs for barbells or dumbbells of different weights;
  • Classes include many elements of choreography, take some time to study dance ligaments.

Body Step at home

When playing in a hall do not need to look and purchase of equipment, everything you need will be provided. Another advantage of training in the hall is a highly qualified coach, program from Les Mills can be carried out only by certified professionals. For those who do not have the ability to train in the gym, will workout at home video course from Les Mills. If you do not want to purchase equipment, it can be replaced by other available means. For example, instead of a stepper, you can use a box of books desired height, and instead of dumbbells – bottles with water or sand.

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